{A} Death Knight looking for a 5's team

Emerald Dream
I wouldn't say 2200 is hard per se, it just takes some time and dedication.
I got 2200 playing quite casually with PHD, if I were to buckle down, and group with the right people I'm pretty sure I could contribute towards pushing 2400.

Implying that I try is a foolish assumption. Your guild's forum rep isn't as infallible as you perceive it to be.

It's okay, /pat. There is no harm in trying---you couldn't do this job on your main, and looks like you will need another alt soon. Take notes from me though, I'm pretty good.

You 2 break it up. Break it up I said. I feel like I'm reading Crew guild chat...
01/06/2011 11:16 PMPosted by Keecha
I can't even tell whether that is supporting or attacking them.

This thread is two people who are good at PvP (with clear evidence to back that claim) reasonably seeking partners and having some luck finding them. Then, there are several people passionately shoving their feet into their mouths in an attempt to... ? Look cool? Piss people off? Validate themselves in some way? What a waste of time.

I'm visualizing it as two adults having a discussion while a bunch of toddlers run around their legs screaming and throwing things with their little sticky jam-hands.

<3 U 2

btw, I hate messy hands. I am more likely to just poop myself.

pics please

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