[Bug] Runic Corruption and DC as a heal

Bug Report
Looking at the tooltip of runic corruption (talent), I tried testing if casting death coil on my ghoul would still proc it, since there is nothing saying that it doesn't work when used in that manner.

After testing on a dummy with 50 death coils with zero procs as unholy, I'm beginning to wonder if it is intended, or if it is just a bug.

Thinking the talent could just be bugged (only tested 2/2, not 1/2), I switched specs to blood to see if runic empowerment also doesn't proc that way and received the exact results: 50 casts and zero procs (yes, I had runes cooling every time I cast death coil). I tried both using it on myself with Lichborne and on a ghoul minion.

Is it intended that a death coil used to heal cannot proc runic empowerment (which might be why it doesn't proc runic corruption), or is this a bug?

Anyone else with this same issue?

Additional note: tested with and without Glyph of Death's Embrace with the same results, since that's the primary reason for testing if the heal procced runic corruption.
i'd love for this to change now that runic corruption no longer clips!

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