[A] 10man Blackwing Descent Tomorrow @ 10 ST

Hello everyone! I am looking for more players to raid Blackwing Descent 10-man tomorrow at 10pm server time or 9pm Pacific. Looking for players who haven't been able to raid yet but have done many heroics and are descently geared enough to start raiding. Item level preferred would be 340 at the minimum. The raid will last about 2 hours. Strats for bosses have already been researched and will be explained before the encounter. Looking for anyone who is interested. Please contact me or Ramixqt either through this thread, through in game mail, or through whispers if you're interested. Thank you and hope to see you tomorrow night!
ill be there so uh.. u guys should prob go
You went alliance... after all i helped you with!
haha I greatly appreciated it tho. Hope the queues get better horde side. Instant as ally
im interested....give me a tell in-game
yoggy likes boys irl

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