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Revival is a newly formed level 70 raiding guild on Uldum server.

This is a 70 raiding guild, not a 70 twink guild.

We are devoted to everything Burning Crusade, and we want to be able to progress as normally as possible in dungeons, heroics and raids throughout Burning Crusade.


Key raids will be on Monday and Wednesday at 6pm - 9pm PST

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are still yet to be decided for raid times.

Server time is Pacific Standard Time

Some key info:

- We will be using 30% less raiders in every raid to offset the 30% boss health nerf

- We use Burning Crusade gems, enchants, and gear only

- We do allow duelspec

- We do allow Worgens

- We do not allow glyphs

- We do not allow Death Knights

We want to keep the guild based on the current progression of the guild. This means a few things:

- We will be using the gems the guild is progressed with.

Example: If we are not progressed into BT and Hyjal then we will not be using Burning Crusade epic gems until we are progressed to that point

- We will only be using the crafted gear the guild is progressed with

Example: If we do not have guild crafters that can craft an item from a raid we haven't progressed into yet, then that item may not be used. This excludes world drop crafting recipies

For more information you can visit our website


You can contact us in-game: Minorie or Fearrari


If you would like to apply you can visit our website


We have detailed recruitment needs on our website

Amory Site:

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Sounds great, just contact us
In heroics now, they are going well, 2 more for 10 man raiding
Tags updated
Downed all of Karazhan except nightbane
Downed nightbane
Hey I would be interested in this. I have a 70 warlock at the moment, however the gear would not fit your recruitment requirements.

It's your call. If not I would be willing to level a warrior/rogue to level 70 also. I know my stuff as far as rogues go, and I am not an idiot when it comes to raiding, as you can probably tell by my character. If I did a warrior I would play prot. I consider myself a very good tank, but the catch is that I have never tanked a raid before. What would be more useful for the guild?

Edit: I don't think my raid tanking will be a problem though
I promise I don't mean this as a troll, but I find irony in the fact that you're located on the Uldum server.
Saeyon, we will take either if you want. It is very easy to downgrade your gear for the current content we are progressed into and we would help with this. I would love both a warrior and a warlock so it is your call. Maybe get in contact with me in-game and we can talk more
Hey Minorie I am pretty interested in what you got going on, I've been looking for a lvl 70 raid guild for some time and finally found one.
I know some of the items i would have to get rid of but i can do that...answer me when you can. Thanks :)
Hey Vranesh, that is totally fine. Like I was responding to Saeyon, we can help you with your items and doing heroics for new ones etc
Cool, so want me to go to the website now and apply?
Go for it + transfer :D
Sweet, i'll do it soon :) Can't wait to hopefully join you guys.
K i applied, hope you guys will have me!
We are no longer using prime or major glyphs and this has been updated

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