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I recently bought access to the SSH tunnel provider SmoothPing. As a result, whenever I log on, I am required to change my password as Blizzard detects 'suspicious activity.' This has become a major inconvenience - am I able to disable the suspicious activity alert so I am not required to go through the hassle? Thanks.
No. This is why such services aren't supported -- the hackers use the same services.
Use the same proxy server every time you log in, it will learn the new "location" and will not lock your account after a while
We understand that some people are using proxy or 'tunneling' services as a way to overcome latency issues; generally because their ISP may not be taking the best and fastest route possible to our servers.

Using these services is not now, nor has it ever, been a violation of our Terms of Use. Simply using a proxy is not enough to cause us to take action on your account. But! they're not officially supported either.

The reason why use of a proxy can be an issue is that the majority of organizations that abuse the game use proxies themselves. While we work to detect and stop these activities, we also work to prevent any ‘false positive’ results; but they do sometimes occur. Our false positive percentage is minuscule in relation to the number of accounts actually found in true violation of our policies, but they can happen. We work as fast as possible to review these cases and get our legitimate players back in the game.

If you do use, or want to use, a proxy/tunneling service, you can help prevent the likelihood of becoming a false positive by using the proxy service consistently.

We're continually improving our abilities to detect those that violate our policies, and with that we're continually improving our ability to more accurately identify (or rather, not identify) those that are using proxies legitimately.
Thanks. I use a proxy (Smoothping) because I am on the west coast and my server is in Boston. Smoothping has made a HUGE difference in my PvP performance. I appreciate your diligence in weeding out the bad guys that use proxies.
Glad to hear it. :) Please don't necro old threads, though.
Actually the Boston realms were all moved to New York last summer.
Why you pay your money for Smoothping? Just uses my program I developed using WAN optimization techniques.

It's a free game network for global users and I'm getting positive feedbacks from all around world including US, japan, south korea, guam, austrailia, new zealand and more!
Worst forum to troll on Loxch, especially for advertising yourself and necroing a thread that is over 6 months old.
Well, strictly speaking, that's just spam.
10/27/2011 12:45 AMPosted by Amaelalin
Well, strictly speaking, that's just spam.

One can only hope the post is deleted by a moderator and the account locked.

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