How do you get to Tanaris now? (horde)

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Ok, Maybe I'm just tired, but I can't seem to figure out a way to get to Tanaris from Org. Since Thousand Needles is under water and I can't seem to find a way across there, I'm a tad confused. I've been running around like an idiot for the better part of an hour, after spending another 15 minutes trying to google it, I figured I'd just ask here.

I had no flight paths in Kalimdor, so far I've grabbed most in northern and southern barrens and dustwallow marsh.

Any help would be much appreciated, I really hate feeling like a newb.
I'm not horde, but I have noticed that there is a road from Mudsprocket in Dustwallow Marsh down into Thousand Needles, closer to the old Salt Flats end. Once you enter you can hit up the Speed-barge for a Flight Path as well.

Hope this is helpful.
at the bottom of thousand needles, there is a path. accessible by water. theres also a path up north to go to the swamp
Level 50, the problem with ditching is that as soon as you ditch group, you get teleported back to where you were, that kinda defeats the purpose.
Yeah, I saw some paths, my biggest problem is I can't find a way across thousand needles. There's some paths that seem to go halfway across the water, but no clear way across, I took the path past mudsprocket and went looking around the beach down there for a way and couldn't find one.

There really should be a how-to for this. I feel like a complete moron for not being able to figure this out
If you get a mage to port you to Dalaran you can take a portal to the Caverns of Time. The Caverns of Time is in Tanaris and you can just run to the town.
Swimming is not a bad idea, I wasn't sure whether or not "fatigue" would kick in swimming across that. That was going to be my last resort. Heck, I think I might just head back to EK where things still make sense :> I honestly think that it should not be this much of a pain to get to Tanaris.

I might just head back to org and see if I can get a port to Dal.
if youre on the beaches in thousand needles, jump in the water and swim to the center. the boat is ally/horde. there are quests. if you want to skip that area, swim south passed the boat. you wont fatigue in the water. its not dark blue.
Ahhh, thanks :> I'd never actually noticed that dark blue = fatigue. I usually avoid swimming if I can :> I'm going to head back down there and try that. It will be faster that way.
There's a Warchiefs Quest that takes you to Mudsprocket that starts off the chain that gets you to the Speedbarge. After the first couple of quests there, you get a boat for fast travel, and an enchantment that gives you water breathing and a speed boost in Thousand Needles.

That's how you're supposed to do it, anyway.
if you do the quests, youll get stuff to swim faster and breathe underwater. youll also get a little boat, which is fast. usable only in thousand needles, though. quests are fun, but boat is crowded and confusing. good luck.
Well the whole point is that you can easily get to Tanaris if you level in Kalimdor. The quest line sends you to the speedbarge where you have quests to give you a river boat. Short of that you can swim which would take a couple minutes of your life and you just swim to where the old path from Shimmering Flats went into Tanaris. It's not like the zones completely were shifted and mangled, Thousand Needles is exactly like it was when you left it, just now under a couple hundred feet of water.
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If you get a mage to port you to Dalaran you can take a portal to the Caverns of Time. The Caverns of Time is in Tanaris and you can just run to the town.

I needed to go to Tanaris for the Hero's Call: Uldum! quest, and this helped a lot.

take a portal to dalaran, and then take the portal to caverns of time, and you are in tanaris
I would suggest you should do Thousand Needles quest. Somewhat refreshing change in questing. You get lots of cool gizmos while questing in the area!
Anyone know how to kill Immol'thar in Dire Maul ? I run it on m yblood elf pally and cant seem to reach to get him from the that circle around him
buy a port to dalaran. use the portal inside the violet citadel to get to the caverns of time. there. tanaris.
i just flew there but it took kinda long so idk where other paths unless doing some dugeon i forgot what it was called but if u did a certain dungon and teleported out of the dugeon u will ve in tanaris city

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