<Taint Invaders> 1/8 HM 25man Recruiting!

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I know you guys are looking for priest healers, but what about Pally ones? :D
We need moar heal-y priests!
We need everything. All should apply!
Hello i am a 365 pally dps, but im more looking for social/pvp with raiding on the offside i am a 381 holy pally pvp and can heal with a few pve off spec pieces for maybe an alt run thanks
Apply noW!!!

Yaaaay, hard modes? Do you like 391's? I sure do. But if you want an awesome atmosphere, AND 391's, then you should apply here.
Bump for a good group of people
Bump because Pete is BEASTMODE.
bump for the greatest horde 25 man squad on proudmoore!!
Bump for all of the above?
Updated and bumped
Little love for Taint...<3
Go. Apply.
...What I said before still applies here.

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