<H> Paranoid Turtles Recruiting Heals/Melee

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Open spots
Room for one tank and one healer.
Spots are open.
Room for heals.
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Room for more in this weeks set of raids.
Up top.
We have room for active, casually progressive minded players.
Great people needed.
We only the 2 spots open for permanent slots. get with us ingame or on our site.
2 permanent spots available for the right person(s).
Take a look at us. Well worth your time.
6/6 MV and 2/6 HoF. We just need a few select players to move even further.
Looking for a very specific player. IF you are a Balance Druid with a Resto OS, or a Shadow Priest with Holy OS, I would like to talk to you about joinig our guild/raids.
Still looking for that balls out DPS with a good healing set/spec. Check us out today!
Knock knock.
Updated for current needs. We are looking at refining our raids in order to push content faster and more efficiently.
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