<H> Paranoid Turtles Recruiting Heals/Melee

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To the top. Still need more.
2 nights a week.
Room for a few others.
Immediate spots available to the classes listed above. We are open to groups of friends applying, as well as smaller guild absorptions.
Room for healers. Get with an officer today.
Open to healers
Are you a mature player?

Do you know who Robert Plant is?

Do you sneak posts on your favorite WoW class forums while at work?

Do you look forward to raid nights, planning how you're going to eek out that last bit of DPS, Mitigation, or HPS?

Do you know the difference between casual and committed?

If you answered yes to these, then submit an app, or get with an officer. We are ramping up, and core spots are available.

Openings for specific classes and roles.
Nef down...
To the top.
Conclave down, Al'Akir we're coming for you!
Room for a select few. Firelands is quickly approaching, and you don't want to be out in the cold.
Final push on heroics now. We are 1/13, soon to be 3/13.
Why you no recruit single ladies?!?!
Updated recruitment spots for Firelands. While we have yet to cancel a raid due to attendance, we are always looking for a better balance in our raids with possible expansion into a second raiding group.

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