<H> Paranoid Turtles Recruiting Heals/Melee

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I heard somewhere that "Domo is Doomed"
Recruitment needs updated.
Openings available.
rag is on the menu for this week
Neck folding

Turtles are divided into two groups, according to how they evolved a solution to the problem of withdrawing their necks into their shells (something the ancestral Proganochelys could not do): the Cryptodira, which can draw their necks in while contracting it under their spine; and the Pleurodira, which contract their necks to the side.
Immediate opening for the right person in our core 10 man group. Please look for Jaingo, Divinationxi, Pyrokinetic, Kember, or Bomama o-line for immediate consideration.
Tank, healer, and several other key spots are open for recruitment.
Any tanks out there? How about a healer or ranged dps?
Immediate spot for Shadow Priest or Hunter
Open spot for the right person.
Opening for Hunter, Ele Shaman, or open to other ranged classes.
Hunter, Ele Shaman, Spriest, Tankadin, Bear, or DK Tank.....we have room for you!
IDK how relevant it is but ummmmm I am a protadin :D. And I probably have plenty of time to raid now that I am back in the game.
Openings for the listed classes. Just in case...hunter, ele shaman, spriest AND a non warrior tank.

We also have need of a rogue or feral dps.
Updated openings. Socials always accepted.
Current openings listed.
Holy pally that is new to server and just got back from a 3 month long break here. Went 2/13 last patch when the stuff was new. Haven't done any firelands raid stuff yet since I just got back. I have tons of raid experience, love PVP and would really like to get into firelands. My ilevel is 365. Send me some mail in world or whisper me when Im on

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