<H> Paranoid Turtles Recruiting Heals/Melee

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My name is Dracard and I approve of this message!
Very good group of guys to raid with!!
Updated. Immediate trials available for the right person(s).
^What he said. In dire need of a Tank and Healer!!!
Spots open for potential members.

Jaingo has figured out the key to success in any guild, no single girls and no kids. Hats off
Updated. We have need of 1 healer looking to raid full time with a static group. Hit us up soon for your trial.
1 more slot.
Still looking for "The One".
Up top.
Tank needed.
Updated for 3/7.
HM Aly. & Bal. are next!! Come help them meet their demise!
Updated for 1 more.
Still room for 1.
Room for 1 core healer. Paladin or Druid.
Currently 5/8 in DS. Really need to find our Core Healer, Paladin or Druid!!!
Updated recruitment.
To the MOON!

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