<H> Paranoid Turtles Recruiting Heals/Melee

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We have room for the right Rogue, Boomkin with Feral OS, or possible other outstanding players.
To the top for a great Rogue.
Miss you guys. Great guild and great group of players. Hopefully we will catch up to your progression soon :D.
Several spots open. Heals, Tank, Ranged, Melee.
Up top for more.
Room for a few more....stop playing D3 everyone!
05/16/2012 07:54 PMPosted by Jaingo
Room for a few more....stop playing D3 everyone!

But, it's so fun :(
The casual atmosphere and promise of a permanent spot upon decision is very tempting. :) Are you guys still on high alert for a boomkin? I do not have off specs in anything but boomkin, but I know what I'm doing. Oh, and the name of the guild cracks me up XD

While I don't have the documented experience of 8/8H (I only have 1/8 technically; my current guild never wants to let me raid because I'm a boomkin. No love for chikinz :<), I can easily research fights, take notes and all that good stuff. I'm looking for an easy-going guild that will be helpful and progressive and not "OH EM GEE HARDCORE."

I raid lead and carried a previous guild to 12/12 normal back near the beginning of the expansion, so I know what it takes. I sometimes tend to have a bit of computer lag (not internet lag), but I learn fights fast from experiencing it and am very competent, mature, know my class well, and am always online and on time unless previously stated otherwise and will help anyone with anything that I can manage.

Honestly, I'd really just like a chance to have fun and do more than achievement-!@#$% all day and night. I'd like to be with people who can accept me, give me a chance, help in anyway and just love my chicken. I'm new to Mal'Ganis; I left Akama to have better chances at this, so giving me a shot would be great. Message me in game if you're interested in having me! ^_^
Updated for potentially great people to join us for some panda fun!
Multiple spots open, see an officer for details.
Room for a few more.
Select few openings.
Room for a select few. Just started Mogu raids.
Room for only 1. Open to multiple healing classes, please get with us in game or on our website.
We have room for healers. Post here, on our website, or get with us in-game.
Room for more. 4/6 now, and with you we could push 6 before next raid opens.
Up top.
Room for more.

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