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Moon Guard
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The winds bear our names. The stones know our steps. The sacred lands we hail from have molded us into a gale wind that sweeps over our Kalimdor. Her protectors. Her defenders. Preservers of balance.

The Stonewind Tribe is in need of new blood, and we open our arms to new Shu’halo in need of a home and a cause, and to others willing to walk the Shu'halo's path. For those that seek to protect our ways, to bring peace back to our world, and forge a better home for generations to come.


Who are we?
We are a long established group focused on internal guild Roleplay based in the Stonetalon Mountains. We are a Shu’halo based Tribal guild with a focus on the Tauren people as a whole, as well as caring for and defending our IC homeland.

Our Website: https://stonewind.shivtr.com/
See our Wiki page here: http://moon-guard.wikia.com/wiki/Stonewind_Tribe
Weekly Storytelling: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17605630691?page=1
Monthly Lunar Festival: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20761068013?

What we need
You! We can always use more players wanting to RP with us, join our stories, and help us create new ones!

What we offer
We have an active roster and regular weekly RP events, as well as a Discord server to keep in communication outside of the game! We RP regularly, do transmog and achievement runs, and even enjoy mythic+ and raiding! We are always creating more stories for the Tribe and the characters in it to grow and develop.

How to join the Stonewind Tribe:
An IC "interview" is required to join (an RP lead up to the character asking to/being invited to join the Tribe. You will also need to sign up on our website: Stonewind.shivtr.com

Contact a Sage in-game or email Taeana at Taeana.Palehorn@gmail.com for more information!

Check out the website for planned calendar events, all of which are open to anyone to attend!
Just as before, I support the Stonewind Tribe in the best capacity that I can think of!
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Glory to the Earthmother!

Glory to the Horde!

Glory to the Stonewind!
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Wonderful idea and guild website. I'm very interested in joining and will peck out an application tomorrow!
Hope to see you around, Odibo!
Yey! So many new people! So much excitement! So much YEY!
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Nice seeing you guys at recent rp events, it's great to see an active tauren group!
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Cant wait to attend the festival this weekend!
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