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/cast Thrash
/cast Cenarion Ward

Only Thrash Works if I reverse it then only Cenarion Ward Works
I don't think you can ever chain two ability casts in one macro anymore. You can program them conditionally, but not consecutively. I could be mistaken.

Yes, listen to those smart people below :)

They both use the global cooldown so you can't cast hem at the same time.

The best you could so is cast them one after another (but not with one button press).

Check out the UI and Macro subforums for more information on what is an isn't possible.
with the dual /cast macro like that you'll need to press the keybind twice. Once to set off Thrash, then a gcd, and keybind again to get cenarion ward.

Or put 2 /cast lines with different timers on them. One will have a 1 min timer and the other will have a 30 second timer or longer than the original /cast line has for a cd.

With the way WoW looks at macros, you cant have a single keypress to achieve 2 actions. You will need to pair /casts that don't share the same cd so you can press the key twice to get the 2nd /cast to work.

With any luck that makes sense. If not, I'm sorry :(
When you have two abilities on the global like that the system only registers the first. You CAN put multiple abilities on a macro like that if and only if they are not on the global ( cooldown ).

Because one is a support and the other is an attack the best way to do it would be to add a condition to it.

/cast [@target, help, exists, nodead]Cenarion Ward;[@target, harm, exists, nodead]Thrash

Something along those lines will change the button press to what you need depending on who you have selected. You can change @target to also be @mouseover or add another condition like this

/cast [@target, help, exists, nodead][@mouseover, help, exists, nodead]Cenarion Ward;[@target, harm, exists, nodead]Thrash

That will do ward on your target if helpful and not dead or your mouseover if helpful and not dead.

You can do the same for your harm target too.
Not a macro maker, but you will need /castsequence for that since both use the gcd.
05/29/2015 08:07 AMPosted by Shuhan
/cast Thrash
/cast Cenarion Ward

/cast !Cenarion ward
/cast thrash
wow alot of good ideas tyvm everyone and sorry about putting this on wrong forum
so which one worked?

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