Live Q&A Saturday, June 13 w/ Ion Hazzikostas

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This Saturday, I’ll be joining World of Warcraft Lead Game Designer Ion Hazzikostas to answer your questions live on Twitch.TV! With Patch 6.2 rapidly approaching, we wanted to take the opportunity to not only answer any questions the community has regarding the new content and features in the patch, but also take a look back at the challenges we’ve faced (and the lessons we’ve learned) when developing the Warlords of Draenor expansion and Patch 6.1.

When: Saturday, June 13, 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM Pacific time (see this handy tool to find when that is in your local time!)
Where: The World of Warcraft channel on Twitch.TV/WoW

There are two ways to submit questions. If you’re using Twitter, simply tweet your question using the hashtag #WarlordsQA. You can also ask it as a reply to this forum thread; however, as we’d like to get to as many questions as possible, we will only consider questions using 40 words or less. Make them count! In order to be considered, your question must be submitted before 12:01 AM Pacific time on Saturday, June 13.

See you there!
Why has the frequency of developer communication dropped off recently? Forum posts are rare and @WarcraftDevs has removed most of the old interaction with developers on Twitter.
With flight gone, do you think changes are needed for taxis - to either make them interactive somehow, or to speed them up considerably?

Having nothing better to do than tab out during travel isn't any fun.
Why do you think there is only one right way to play the game?
Trying to recruit for mythic raiding is a pain with cross realm restrictions. Any updates coming to improve the recruiting situation?
I think everyone knows that I care about flight here, but I want to know specifically if the fun aspect of flight is being considered?

I think many of us just want to enjoy our travel in our gaming experience. It doesn't feel the same if it is an immediate teleport or apparently more convenient in some way, but I think something is lost if the fun is lost. That's the crux of my flying concern. I don't want to break a quest or circumvent game design, but I think flying is part of a fun gaming experience that had consistently set wow above other games.
Why introduce the shipyard instead of expanding the current followers system?
Is 6.2 the final content patch of WoD? Or will there be more coming down the line?
Why would you choose to make a big announcement only at a third party website and leave it up to the players to make a thread on your site?
Any changes to warrior t18 bonuses so its actually usable?
Any plans to merge more realms together? Realm mergers have been a success but I feel there is still more work to do.
Since flying is no longer "on the table" are ground mount speeds going to be increased to compensate?

Follow up on the same general topic. Are you going to stop promoting any mounts that can fly and no longer producing them as per your new vision for the game? I can understand that you "work ahead" on mounts but now that the decision is made are all mounts after 6.2 going to be ground only and designed to LOOK right running on the ground?
I love flying mounts
Since you have decided to ban flying now and in the future why is the new rep mount, the new store mount, and the collectors edition mount flying? Do you not see how insulting that is?
I have a lot of questions, pick one I suppose, maybe even two.

    1: Can you clearly explain the "vision" for the game held by the developers?

    2: There has been pretty extensive criticism of the "point-click-wait" gameplay of the garrison, what differentiates the shipyard from being more of the same?

    3: 3 million "cyclical" subscribers gone, going forward, is the main thrust of developer time on emotionally investing long term content, or is it on short term "play then leave" gaming? "Players" vs "Inhabitants" in other words.

    4: Will you please reconsider the "no more flying" rule in Draenor? Preferably by, or soon after, patch 6.2? It's not just about "point A to point B" for a lot of us. (and if not: a detailed 'why' would be nice...) EDIT : YAY! FLIGHT RETURNS! Don't welsh, we're watching!

    5: What makes Timewalking and Mythic dungeons count as "new content"? Are there new mechanics, or new bosses? Why does the "improved mythic loot" share the same art assets used by the current dungeon loot?

Thanks for your time.
How many players have to quit before you'll come to your senses about disabling flight in current and future content?
You seem to be taking steps to make gathering professions worth something again. Are there plans to return to the time when all primary professions had some type of combat boost?
Are there any changes in store to "fix" Warrior DPS specs? A lot of Warrior mains are really unhappy with the way Arms and Fury turned out with Warlords.
In your opinion, what was the most successful and least successful parts of WoD so far?

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