Vanilla friends how long did it take lvl 60

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Myself almost 2 months of casual play. Then another 2 months to get my epic mount. Was actually hard as well. Nothing was forgiving in the game then. Gear made a difference in terms of power but it was not as game changing as it is now ( with the exception of certain pieces, see hand of rag).
About 10 days /played
Guess it depends on the gear discrepancy, just like it does now. I remember 2 shotting people in my high end raid gear.
Nothing was hard or unforgiving in early wow, just harder than now, which isn't saying much. Raids were just harder to build a group for, not necessarily harder in mechanics and even elites in over world areas were fluff.
Grinding gold was harder, I'll give you that for sure.
INB4 "This game was never hard! It was just tedious!"

Edit: too late.
Took me months, i was pretty casual in the beginning though i guess, sometimes i would come home from work and log in to see the servers were down or there was a patch downloading and it was a complete mystery to me as to what the new content was lol i miss those times.
Gear made a difference in terms of power but it was not as game changing as it is now.

In Vanilla? Man that's funny. The only way gear didn't make a difference was 1) you didn't raid and got 2-shot by everyone else, or 2) you did raid and all your upgrades just meant your 2-shots varied from 50+50 to 80+20 (30 overkill), etc..
Let's just leave it at, it took longer.

For example there were chunks particularly in later levels where you were stuck grinding mobs for exp, there was no LFD so you couldn't easily supplement questing with dungeons while leveling. No heirlooms etc.....

And I forgot no mounts till 40 for 60% speed(yay for being a druid and travel form) and they were fairly expensive back then relative to how much gold most people had.
I never even hit max in Vanilla, the leveling was so painfully long and slow I just kept quitting. If I'd started in TBC I don't know that I could have tolerated leveling to max in that expansion either, but I had a 53 Shaman at its start, so I managed it.

And dear god, riding. I likely would never have made it as high as 53 except that Ghost wolf made travel tolerable. Finally at 40 I spent a few days grinding for the gold to get the first level of riding. I didn't get epic riding until much, much later.
It took me about 6 months. I hated questing and I loved pvp, back when pvp gave no experience =/

My second toon took me about a month. (Vanilla also)
months cause of school
19 days /played, was the fastest among my friends.
I hit 60 on January 12th 2005 :c

And then i mindlessly farmed gold, selling runs and being a bodyguard and got my epic mount 2 months later.
Don't even remember but it was a fairly considerable amount of time compared to the game today.
It took forever. :) I remember farming Tar Lords in northern Ungoro Crater over and over again when I finally hit 60. (Silithus wasn't done at the time, the only flightpath was at Valor's Rest back then, and the zone was just full of knockback elite mobs). It was amazing when I finally hit 60 though. Just awesome. Still had to ride around on a 60% mount for a long while though. ;)
I miss the old Eastern Plaguelands...
Started early March '05, Hit 60 right before BWL came out.
Everything wasnt super hard, it wasnt as easy as it is now, but not super hard. Gold sucked too me a week straight of tonz of play to farm it with some friends for the epic riding and mount. I remember we were grinding the elementals in Silithus. Questing was harder for sure, You didnt have points of interest lit up on the map showing you where to go. You had to pretty much guess from the subtle hints in the quest text. Especially for the Link questline. That quest took you all over azeroth, but it was pretty fun figuring it out. And the Ony attunement, lol... fun times.
Honestly? In vanilla I never hit 60. I liked PVP so much when I played, and I was only about 10 at the time. I was a 29 warrior in BGs, and I pwnd face. I wasn't even twinked out. People legit thought I Was a moron, but I actually got up there in ranks, to like Knight....It was fun. I still have a vivid memory of me being stoked when I fell of LM and killed three people after luckily surviving that fall.....
A good time was 6 days /played. That was pretty much just focusing on questing and levelling quickly. 10 days is a better average.
I remember it taking months.

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