700 Hunter LF Mythic 6.2

Guild Recruitment
<Futility> 7/7M 10/10M US#56 3DAY

We formed 2 weeks before BRF. We were a guild full of 2/7M players that stomped to 5/7M in those 2 weeks with no offtank and lots of new guild problems. During BRF we reached 10/10M with 14 core raiders. We now reside as the 3rd ranked guild on Kel'Thuzad as a 3 day, 3 hour raid guild. We are possibly going to 4day during the first month or two of HFC, that is still up in the air atm. We want to finish our roster before HFC. That's where you come in.

Mon/Tu/Wed at 8:30p-12 EST
  • Recruiting all TANK+DPS classes. I cannot emphasize enough we're looking for just good players, not classes. If you play offspec or want to gear an alt, we're the guild for you. Right now we're low on Mages/Rogues/Frost DK for 6.2/Warlock that can play affliction for 6.2
    • We are a guild that gives all raiders monthly WoW tokens.
    • 2k+ guild repairs, all flasks/pots/tonics/enchants/gems provided for you and your alts. We have millions in gbank.
    • We play other games with each other when not raiding. CS:GO, LoL, Heroes, DoTA, Salem, anything.
    • We have 20-30 members online at all times, even 2am.
    • We watch movies together. Guild movie night is definitely a thing.
    • We are not silent, super serious robots. In fact most of the time we're way too talkative.
    • We compete with 4 days and/or 4 hour guilds, making the same or decent progress with 1.5-6 hours less a week.
    • I know when I join a new guild, I'm paranoid it's full of kids. Don't worry. GM/RL is 26 and 95% of the roster is 20+.

    This is for a core spot NOT bench

    We are looking for serious progression-oriented raiders. Do you evaluate logs constantly? Do you care about pushing your dps/heals? Are you interested in playing with good players that don't give excuses? Are you a chill person that isn't toxic to our raid environment (aka doesn't freak the !@#$ out over wipes or have some annoying ego)? We want you. Simple as that.

    Players that have alts, play alts, or are generally very active are given immediately preference. We have a decently big guild that offers everything for every type of player.

    We gear up alts and offer a 10/10H Casual/Alt Friday run at 8:30pm-midnight EST. Generally this is a 25-30 man run. 670 ilvl minimum and 10/10H minimum to get in currently. Next tier we will be teaching/explaining fights so no need to worry there, just make sure you're 685+. Casual does not mean bad.

    Looking for a stable guild that will be here for a VERY long time?
    A guild leader that has experience keeping guilds together?
    Adult atmosphere?
    A well-run guild that is TRANSPARENT AND HONEST?
    Meaningful progression without raiding 25 hours a week?
    People to hang out with outside of raid?
    Tons of things going on in guild all the time with our casual runs and our alt runs and everything else?

    We represent futility (to vainly oppose an unyielding force). We will not be stopped.
    Become a futilian.

    www.futility.us if you want to apply (also check out our guild rules/structure and all that.)
    xahit#1739 if you don't
    About us:

    <NO MEDAL BOYS> is a progression focused raiding guild located on US-Mal’Ganis. We are composed of players with high end raiding experience that only want to raid 3 days a week. A good number of our players have previous raid experience in more hardcore guilds. All of our players aim to bring a hardcore level of gameplay to raids so that we can have solid progression on a reduced schedule.

    We strive to be one of the best 3 day a week guilds, while maintaining a fun and relaxed raiding environment. We all raid because we find it fun and because we enjoy the people we are raiding with, and we do it without sacrificing our real lives. Our goal is not only to raid together, but also to be a part of a community. A lot of our members have been friends for many years and regularly play a wide variety of games together outside of raids.

    Guild Raiding Info
    3 nights per week, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
    Raid times are 8:00PM-12:00PM EST
    Loot is Distributed via loot council.
    Website: http://nomedalboys.com/app.php/portal
    Progression: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/mal-ganis/NO+MEDAL+BOYS

    We are currently looking to recruit the following classes:

    DK: Closed
    Druid: Feral Dps Medium
    Hunter: Medium
    Mage: Medium
    Monk: Closed
    Paladin: Closed
    Priest: Shadow Priest Medium
    Rogue: Medium
    Shaman: Elemental Low
    Warlock: Medium
    Warrior: Medium Dps

    We are looking for players to strengthen our roster and fill in some of the recruitment needs that we still have. That being said, exceptional players of any role are encouraged to apply.

    Please apply on our website - http://nomedalboys.com/
    If you have questions, you can contact: Biscut#1392, JLXSkorgen#1736
    Guild: Antisocial Club
    Faction: Horde
    Realm: Hyjal-PvE
    Raid Type: Hardcore
    T16: US 22
    T17: 7/7M HM, 10/10M BRF US 27
    Schedule: Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu 7-11 PM Pacific Time
    Loot Type: Loot Council
    Recruiter Contacts: Xinc#1314, Mishock#1457
    Website: http://antisocial-club.com/

    Would love to hear from you.

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