Hearth to Garrison?

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I hearthed to my Garrison and now I cannot log in with that character. Any suggestions?
Same here. Hearthed from Timeless Isle and loading screen gets stuck at 90% then disconnects me... Has happened 5 times now, can't log in that character.
Same thing happening to me. A friend and I had just finished Highmaul LFR and we queued for a new one, got teleported out and when we teleported back in, we got to 90% on the load screen. Have gotten to 90% countless times since and insta DC'd.
Same here, and it happens on every single one of my toons that are in their garrison, both alliance and horde side and unable to log into any one of them.
Hey guys,

If this issue is affecting a single character then the issue would usually resolve itself after 10-15 minutes. I'd recommend just trying the character again to see if you can log in.

If the issue is persisting longer than that then that character is stuck and needs to be moved. The Gamemasters can assist with that kind of in-game situation. To contact them, make a ticket using the in-game/stuck option and let them know your situation.

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