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@WarcraftDevs Has the name release occurred yet? A search for a name I want turns up empty for my server, but I still cannot claim it.

It started with the release of the patch, and it'll take a couple days to complete.

@WarcraftDevs Are bosses meant to only drop 2 tokens with 30 people?

There's a hotfix in for this issue.

Edit: Apologies, misunderstood what was being referred to. Current token drop rates are intended, but we're discussing them. But in the event a change is made, it wouldn't happen before the next raid timer.


@WarcraftDevs @yoshifan657 We had 1 token with 22 last night. Definitely too low.

We agree, and are looking at some adjustments once the raid week is over.

@WarcraftDevs is the Corrupted Nest Guardian (pet off Shadow-Lord Iskar) bonus rollable?


@WarcraftDevs WoW Token notify box covers up addon UI in my veteran account, can't Disable All or Okay.

Appreciate the report! We'll investigate this.

@warcraftdevs Is "Securing Draenor" achv not account-wide? don't have credit for it on a different char under the "Draenor Pathfinder" meta

Not account wide, but you only need to have it on one character for it to count towards the Pathfinder achievement.

@WarcraftDevs Are the Trained Shark Tank ship blueprints ingame? People have been looking all over the ocean and are coming up with nothing.

There’s a bug making this blueprint harder to acquire than it should be that we’re working on fixing.

@WarcraftDevs Now that ilvls have increased and more items added. Have there been any changes to the Salvage Crate loot tables?

The only change we made was listed in the patch notes and affected the grey items.

@BlizzardCS @WarcraftDevs There was talk at one point of being able to increase the Garrison Cache from 500-1000. Was that taken out? Thanks

You can increase the cap to 1000 via an item sold by your Tanaan faction vendor.


@WarcraftDevs @BlizzardCS I bought and used that item, but my UI still says my resources are capped at 10000.

It doesn’t raise your resource cap, it raises the cap on the cache that gives you free resources from 500 to 1000.

@WarcraftDevs So i've skinned lots of mobs today. total of 5 blight, 1 a mob. guildie gets 5 blight from one herb node. Not overly fair.

Sounds like your guildie got lucky! Finding 5 Felblight at once is a rare treat, and is not limited only to herbalists.

@WarcraftDevs what's the drop rate supposed to be for fel blights? I've see 1 in close to 50 or 60 mine nodes? Rng just hate me?

Sounds like a run of bad luck. Hang in there and keep at it!

@WarcraftDevs Felblight "or fishing in Tanaan" is that just schools or both open water and schools?

Great question! Felblight can only be fished out of Felmouth Frenzy schools.

@WarcraftDevs Naval Mission "One Way or Another" doesn't award the 10 Abrogator stones it claims. Successfully completed and got ZERO. :(

Check your bags, you should see that you got them. There’s currently a bug w/ Garrison mission rewards updating the Quest Tracker.

@warcraftdevs will Brazier of Awakening become a toy?

Generally items that have gameplay utility aren’t added to the Toy Box.

Dear @WarcraftDevs are BoE's in Heroic full guild group supposed to be personal loot? We can't Masterloot them.

Hellfire Citadel trash is Personal only; condolences to PUG leaders who hoped to reserve BoEs.

@WarcraftDevs Will the conquest gear from Ashran/RBG boxes have sockets/warforged?

No, they do not.

Hunters, Focus Fire is broken, not applying its AP buff to our pets. Be cautious of using this spec until it's fixed. http://www.thrillofthewild.com/2015/06/focus-fire-is-currently-broken.html

A hotfix for this is in the works.

.@WarcraftDevs Beast Master Hunters are not getting Attack Power from Improved Focus Fire. Looking into it?

Yes, a hotfix is in testing.

@WarcraftDevs Spellpower on the new Timewalking staves seems to be double what it should be. 3395 spell power on a warforged timewarped.

A hotfix to correct this issue has been applied.

@WarcraftDevs "I Came, I Clawed, I Conquered" tells us to loot 500 claws, but the progress bar shows 5000 claws. pic.twitter.com/XBhCzOBc02

5000 is the correct amount. Updating the text will require a future patch.

@WarcraftDevs Why Baleful tokens aren't BOA? It makes alot more sense to be BOA. (my alts will enjoy that)

BoA versions of these tokens are available from Naval missions.

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