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I know this sounds far-fetched but hear me out. If any of you have ever played any Assassin's Creed made after ACII, you would recognize that there is a side mission where you are in command of your own "trainees" in a Football Manager esq. mode where you send off "recruits" to do missions in real time that would give you various items and money while leveling them up at the same time. I could go on and on to go on the similarities between this and the "Follower" missions in your garrison (like the fact that in both games you could have certain "recruits" assist you in combat and the and you could customize your recruit to be more proficient in certain aspects for both assisting you and their own missions) but still i scratched it off as pure coincidence and never thought of it again.... Until 6.2 was released that is. Now for those of you who are also not aware of the AC series, In AC4 and AC Rogue, the follower missions were replaced by naval missions where instead of commanding your own "recruits", you were than asked to have ships that you have captured to their own missions by giving you money and vanity items. Now, same as the "followers", the ships also have their own names and different types of ships specialize in different types of missions. The only difference I can honestly see is that ships in AC ship diversity is that bigger ships have a higher success rate but smaller ships finish much faster, but still the similarities are WAY too consequential for this not to be coincidence. Thoughts?
Space it out a tad, that chunk needs to be edited and parsed into readable bits.

Game designers learn how to make better games by playing other games, this is not limited to chess, cards or television, either. I'm sure the Assassin's Creed guys learned more by watching Ninja Warrior than Pong or Pacman.

There's lots of games that feature this function of leadership, especially with Naval settings or Starships.

It's programming at its finest, invest in an artificial intelligence that does simple tasks or heavy lifting for you, because doing everything by hand is hard. We'd still be plucking grubs for lunch if not.
Bandwidth is a physically limited resource. That is to say, you can only send and receive so many signals across the same cable, that you have to regulate its use by multiple people.

We've reached a point where they are paying so much for servers and bandwidth that they actually want to lose players, and presume those they will lose are the toxic and those they will keep are the sheep.

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