Garrison music stuck since 6.2

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Ever since 6.2 hit, I've had this problem with my garrison. Different music from the jukebox play correctly, but the default garrison music is stuck on a loop of that initial "taaaan... taaan daaaan...."
After the fadeout, instead of the regular music kicking in, the introduction plays again. And then again, and again, ad infinitum.
Rather annoying, especially since I got so used to that music by now.

Edit: Repaired installation, cleared cache, ran game without any addons. Problem persists.
I'm also suffering from this issue. I got so annoyed I had to just shut off music in the garrison. I also have the jukebox.
Im having the same exact issue.
im also getting this as well as it just started today .. ugh so annoying
I've always thought the soundtrack really enhances your experience in this game, so it sucks to report that I've been going through this same issue for at least 2, maybe 3 days now.... think it actually started happening before 6.2. I have the jukebox and it just keeps looping whatever music I put on instead of mixing it up a little like it used to. Hope this is getting looked at soon, I hate turning off the music!
I've had this problem too, at least since 6.2. It's only on this one character as well. Lvl 3 garrison, all buildings upgraded to lvl 3, jukebox active with Siege of Worlds music roll on the list.

It may be a factor that I was one of the ones who kept getting Felfire Ammunitioned whenever I hearthed in the first few days of 6.2.
Having the same problem here. Even when you log-in to your character that is currently in the garrison, it STILL repeats itself.
Same issue here. Super frustrating.
Same issue here. Super frustrating.
Ok, 2 small patches later and no news from the devs on that, so I decided to do a clean install.

Let me reiterate this: a clean install. I uninstalled the game, clearing any and all configuration, and reinstalled it fresh. Problem persists, so I'm guessing it's something on their end.

What annoys me the most is that you know when you log into an alt who's at a different location, and at the last 10% or so of the loading screen, the music from your last location plays before the loading finishes and the correct music plays (e.g. logout in Orgrimmar, when logging into an alt who's at Undercity, Orgrimmar music starts playing right before loading is done)?
Well, when logging out at the garrison and logging into an alt, the piece of music that plays is the regular music from the garrison. Not the intro that keeps repeating, but the exact music that is bugged and doesn't play. So it's not a matter of the file not being there: it's just somehow left out of the playlist entirely.

Can we please get some feedback on this? It seems I'm not the only one experiencing it. I know music isn't important for some people, but to me it's an integral part of the game. The garrison music fits the garrison perfectly, and the jukebox ones not only seem to not fit the place well, but they also get boring quickly since they aren't dynamic (they just keep playing nonstop when entering the mine, for instance).
Haveing the exact same issue. Daaaaa Daaaaaaannnnnnn Daaannnnnn! TIMES INFINITY! Super annoying too because it is my favorite song to play at the Garrison :(

Let's hope that the Blizzard team fixes this problem soon. I love the soundtrack to the game and it definitely takes away from the experience.
add me to the list
Having the same trouble, had to Ctrl+M while in the Garrison for now.
same problem.
Found this thread on a Google search and had to bump it. This is EXTREMELY annoying and it is ruining the Garrison for me. Please, can someone look into this and try to fix it? Nothing I have tried helps and it's really ruining everything. It's not like I can delete the music box and start over with it.
I already posted on another thread about this, but I would like to bump this in order reinforce the issue.
What gets me is that it plays the initial "default" music for about a second before kicking into whatever I set the music as. It throws me off because my music is usually set to Lament of the Highborne, and when it ends, I hear the first few notes of the default music(the same taaaan daaaan part mentioned above), then it goes back to Lament.
Same here
Ditto. Just submitted a bug report about this. I want my garrison music back! :(

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