Good armor, how do i get it?

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Everyone around me seems to have absolutely incredible armor..e.e while i have just the instance armors and such.

ANy suggestions on how to get godly armor at such a low level?
You can't, really. The best armor is at the level cap, and any armor you get before then is going to be easily replaced by whatever comes down the road in later levels. When you're leveling, the best gear often comes from long quest lines, or the blues that drop in dungeons.
Get heirlooms...but seeing as this is in the New Player forum, I imagine that you don't have a level capped character yet, so that's kind of out.

Your gear is good. Just focus on drops with int, then spirit, haste, or spell power depending on your spec.

Once you get one character around level 80, I would recommend doing the Argent Tournament dailies in Northrend so you can build up some champion seals to buy heirlooms for your next characters. You'll also pick up some Justice Points, which can be cashed in as well, but you might like to save those for early Cataclysm gear, which will get you into heroics.

Oh, and get professions. Tailoring is a pretty good prof for a cloth wearer, and you can pair to with enchanting to better improve your gear. Herbalism also gives you a nice self heal and haste ability, and you can pair this prof with alchemy to make some good potions.

Good luck.

EDIT: just a are technically in the squishy club, so you're not exactly after "armor" ;-)
1) You can get good armor in dungeons through rolling need on items that are an upgrade for you. You can read before at "wowhead" about that zone/dungeon and what will perhaps drop

2) you can check the auction house for cheap gear (happens sometimes :)) . I would not recommend buying expensive stuff as you will exchange your gear very fast while you level

For priests you can look for gear with the suffix "of the owl" (with spirit and intellect), that is perhaps the best and then "of the wolf" (with intellect and stamina), "of the whale" (with spirit and stamina)

3) you can check "wowhead" for quests that rewards appropiate gear. I am leveling through dungeons with one character and sometimes it is hard to get gear for a certain slot.

For armor go to check what kind of armor, that depends on your character, (cloth, leather aso), the slot (chest, leg, wrist, off hand aso) and then i choose "rewarded by quests" in the filter list. Then check apply filter and you will see a list of rewards that you can sort by level.

for weapons go to, check the appropiate type (stave, wand aso), add the rewarded by quest filter and then apply filter, sort the list then by level and choose if there is an item that would be good for you.

4) running dungeons with a faction tabard gives you reputation for that faction. When you are excalted you can buy from that faction mounts and more important cloaks for level 35.
You can get the tabard near the flightmasters in Org, Silvermoon, TB, UC. The cloaks then
you get at the quartermaster. <strong/>
Even if you do not want the cloak i would advise that you run always with a tabard, that gives you rep and an achievement :)
OP, you have perfectly acceptable armor for your class and level. : )
Putting a lot of time into acquiring great armor makes sense at level cap where a piece of gear may last weeks or months.
While leveling though, any given piece of gear is only going to be around for hours - or a couple of days at most.

Back in original WoW, when leveling was much tougher, I once leveled a hunter to level 40 wearing nothing but starter gear. I did upgrade his ranged weapon as I leveled though.
I could have gone higher but it was getting boring.
The point is however, that gear is nice, but don't agnst over it until end game.
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Everyone around me seems to have absolutely incredible armor..e.e while i have just the instance armors and such.

ANy suggestions on how to get godly armor at such a low level?


Don't feel bad, you're doing fine.

What you're probably seeing on other players at your level are "heirloom" armor
pieces and weapons, otherwise known at "BoAs". (Bind on Account)

BoA or heirloom pieces are earned by high level characters who gain them
as rewards for spending the points they receive from running high-level dungeons.

Once earned, they send them to their low-level alternate characters ("alts) who
can then use them. These pieces level along with the character, and so they
will always be superior to virtually anything the character can earn along their
leveling path.

One way to spot BoA items and recognize them:

Inspect a player by right-clicking on their character portrait and selecting "Inspect".
Roll over any item you're curious about. If the name of the item is green, blue or
purple, they earned it through normal ways. If the name is a light tan in color, it's
a BoA item that one of the player's high-level alts earned, and sent to the new
character through the mail.

Hope this helps.
I wouldn't worry about it, I am new, and all my guys I am just leveling up and gear doesn't seem to make that much difference tbh. Almost all the quests I have encountered are easy, and I'm just using the best gear I have found along the way, and it gets the job done. In my experience the best gear I have found have been in dungeon instances. Sometimes even the gift bag you get for doing a random dungeon can give you a nice item.
I think that after a WHOLE YEAR, the OP either knows what's going on or has left that character (since it's still a low level). In either case, he/she isn't coming back to read your post.
i have accepted my armor for how it is but i seek better armor. I am almost lvl 12. So when im lvl15 ill go into dungeons. In dungeons sometimes you find armor. Go to auctions houses but they might be pricey.
For those who may be just finding this post.....

I have no level 85s, so I got BoAs the old fashioned way. Grinding out honor in BGs. Yea, it sucked at times, but I learned an awful lot about the different classes I played.

Call-to-Arms weekends were my friends. :)
How do I get really good armor cause everyone I see as the coolest armor
if you run enough battlegrounds and get enough honor points, you can purchase heirloom gear in stormwind- it will make you stronger and you don't have to replace the gear until level 80
Keethaleus... next time create your own thread, and not revive one that is over a month old... this is considered spam.

Anyways to answer your question... gather honor points (from bgs) and you can get honor heirlooms or go into justice heirlooms which cost justice points (375 Honor Points --> 250 Justice Points) which are better (in my opinion).

Or just gather blues from dungeon runs and long quest chains.

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