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It is unacceptable that there should be so many bugs that are crippling one class' gameplay. There has been virtually zero response, many of these bugs have been in game since the 4.0 patch, or earlier. I've seen at least 90% of these reported at least once before.

Originally posted by "Menorah":

1. Explosive Trap uses spell crit.

2. Explosive Trap's dot portion does not stack if 2 hunters use them on a same mob. Only the first trap that was activated does damage.

3/4. Black Arrow and Serpent Sting use spell crit. This may be intended due to Toxicology.

5. 10% attack speed buffs like Windfury Totem and Hunting Party reduce focus regen instead of increasing it.

6. Several cunning pets are not able to train Mobility.

7. Lock and Load does not proc 100% of time from Frost Trap, even if you have 2 points in the talent.

8. Mirrored Blades does not reflect Hand of Gul'dan when Deterrenced. This may be intended.

9. All attacks that require you to be behind the target, like Shread, go through Deterrence.

10. Chaos Bolt, Overpower, Heroic Throw, mage's elemental, Cheap Shot, and several stuns due to lag go through Deterrence, making the hunter vulenerable to all damage from all attackers. Some of them may be intended.

11. All in air attacks including stuns/CCs go through Deterrence unlike Divine Shield and Ice Block.

12. Master's Call does not remove all slowing effects.

13. Trap Launcher doesn't always register server side and result in the trap being dropped at the feet.

14. Traps are affected by resistances, but can't be capped with spell penetration. Other spell based CCs do not have this problem.

15. It's possible to have two aspects up at the same time with Camoflague. I bet this will be the first to get fixed since several top hunters are exploiting it in both PVP and PVE keeping fox and hawk up together.

16. Glyph of Kill Shot does not work on PVP targets.

17. Aimed Shot proc from Master Marksman makes it instant cast. However, you can't use it if you're moving.

18. DMC: Hurricane does not proc from Explosive Shot, Serpent Sting, and Black Arrow.

19. DMC: Hurricane uses both spell hit and spell crit.

20. Multi-Shot, Wyvern Sting, Silencing Shot, and Tranquilizing Shot still have 35yd range instead of 40.

21. Lock and Load does not always reset the Explosive Shot cooldown.

22. Pets spawn with very little health for several seconds allowing them to get one shotted. This is horrible for hunters because we are the only pet class in the game that has to stand still channeling 10 sec rez, even BM that got nerfed by having the duration talent removed.

23. Serpent Spread applies Serpent Sting to all Multi-Shotted target. Cobra Shot does not extend duration of these Stings.

24. Exotic pets can't be moved to and from stables unless you spec BM.

25. Monkey pet's special ability describes the CC as a Blind, but acts like a stun. Another one that will be the first to get fixed!

26. Several pet buffs don't reapply until they fall off even though they have shorter cooldown than the duration, like Ravage. Ravage is also affected by diminishing return. It applies at 25 sec, 12 sec, 6 sec, and no more.

27. MM mastery states that it should be 2% per point. However, it's only 1.8%.

28. Ancient Hysteria does not increase pet's attack speed, even though it should have identical functionality as Bloodlust/Heroism, which do.

29. Several mob/boss AoE abilities (like the drake's Whirlwind in Vortex Pinnacle or Astral Rain from Isiset) do 100% damage to pets.

30. Vael in BWL does not affect focus. It's funny how it affected RP when DKs were released.

31. There are no agi rings from valor points, even though there is one for every other role.

32. Aeonaxx can't be shot at. You can only use melee ablities on him, which hunters only have one of now. Same issue was reported during wrath for a few Storm Peak quests.

33. Ring of Valor after so many years still breaks pets by getting them stuck on the elevator and not allowing any pet ability to be cast.

34. While casting Steady Shot or Cobra Shot on the move with Aspect of the Fox, it keeps turning you towards the target and does not allow you to strafe as normal. If you try to strafe, it will cancel the cast even though you can shoot your instant shots.

35. Auto Shot sometimes contiues to fire after the current target dies on the nearest target.

36. If you have a trapped target and you try to retrap it, it breaks the original trap before applying the new trap. This sucks when the new trap is resisted.

37. Multi-Shot and Misdirection trigger 1.5 sec GCD, while all other hunter abilities are on 1 sec GCD now.

38. Disengage removes the tornado debuff(buff) in the second phase of Ascendant Council encounter.

39. Hyena's Tenden Rip does not work on any raid bosses. It gives target is immune error.

40. Tallstrider pet's debuff lasts 8 sec, but the cooldown is 28 sec, so it's impossible to keep the debuff up on the target.

41. Flare used to remove stealth as soon as it was cast. Now, it doesn't till the second tick.

42. Flare does not work at all if the hunter goes out of line of sight from where it landed.

43. Trap trigger radius was decreased to half in 4.0 patch. Now, it's possible to miss the trap target even with Scatter Shot.

44. Camouflage breaks as soon as you command your pet to attack something. It used to not break till the pet actually attacked something till the hotfixes on 1/4.

45. Pets still sometimes continue to play tag with mobs in an endless battle to get behind the target eventually running out of your range and pulling bunch of other mobs.

bug number 15 was fixed with the most recent hotfixes (this was one of 2 helpful bugs).

bug numbers 25 and 10 look to be being repaired on the PTR (bug number 25 is the second of the 2 helpful Hunter bugs).

Yeah, it seems like all the bugs that work to our advantage are the first to get "Fixed" while all the other ones you mentioned that actually make us useful and work properly are getting way laid.

I am honestly starting to believe all these bugs are as intended and will never get addressed.

22 really urks me right now.
Another one I just thought about. Not sure if it is a bug or "working as intended" but Pets will attack a mob you shoot wyvern sting at, breaking the sleep effect. I was under the impression pets were supposed to auto-stop attacking a mob you just CCed. Works fine with Ice Trap. But when ever I decide I need to use Wyvern Sting, I have to remember to put my pet on passive or the pet will break it.
Don't care if there's a written response to these issues, but some form of action regarding them would be great.

This is getting ridiculous.

Traps getting resisted, not proccing LnL, and having a miniscule trigger radius is unbelievable.
9. All attacks that require you to be behind the target, like Shread, go through Deterrence.

^With the current tooltip for Deterrence (100% PARRY) this is NOT a bug.
You CANNOT parry an attack from behind.

Still, this is being addressed in the upcoming patch, as it's being changeed from 100% parry, to 100% miss.

I agree 100% on most other ones, though. The auto-shot after a mob dies and the teeny-tiny trap radius (this combined with activiation time has allowed me to watch many, many mobs walk right on top of the trap and just keep on going) are the two most obnoxious to me.
add this to, BM hunter attack power % isnt applied at all, BM attack power is lower then in SV spec. Try it
add this to, BM hunter attack power % isnt applied at all, BM attack power is lower then in SV spec. Try it


That just takes the cake. Of all the stupid bugs, that takes the cake.

(to be fair it may just be the character sheet, which has been known to lie)

*Edit* Forgot to mention: confirmed.

I was trying to trace the source of this, it seems that it stems from the SV agility buff granting additional AP. Since Agi to AP is 1 to 1 and SV gets 17% (including hunting party) on live one would expect SV's AP to be slightly higher. But it seems that either BM loses AP somewhere or SV is gaining somewhere I have not taken into account because BM is still too low even given this.

As of now my AP is SV is 7170 and my Agi is 3415.
For BM it is AP 7088 to 2912 Agi.


But AP does not only come from Agi, 15% additional AP should be more in AP terms than 17% Agi.

I don't know what is causing it, seems odd. One way or another BM should have more AP than SV, because 15% more AP is more AP than the AP that 17% more Agi would provide as far as I can tell and there are no other sources of raw AP for SV.

Unless I'm blind. Which is not unlikely.
Can't wait for a blue's response.

No literally, I can't wait for a blue's response. It will be way too long until this is fixed.
Another one that I couldn't find in the first few pages of the bug forums but have seen reported elsewhere as well as experienced:

Glyph of Freezing Trap causes your victim to become un-trapped if you try to chain trap. As soon as you shoot a second Freezing Trap at an already frozen enemy, they become unfrozen.
01/10/2011 2:11 PMPosted by Aljex
Can't wait for a blue's response.

No literally, I can't wait for a blue's response. It will be way too long until this is fixed.

You will never get a blue response in the Bug forum. Never.
01/11/2011 1:39 PMPosted by Grol
Can't wait for a blue's response.

No literally, I can't wait for a blue's response. It will be way too long until this is fixed.

You will never get a blue response in the Bug forum. Never.

Is it cuz I'm a hunter? It's cuz I'm a hunter... :(
Lock and Load has still retains its 22 second internal cooldown despite the fact that this was removed from the description some time ago.
This explains there is a 6-10% proc rate on T.N.T instead of the supposed 12%.
I don't remember there ever being anything in the tooltip about LnL having a cooldown, it was simply mentioned that they were adding one in.

Secondly, there is a reason for the following:

31. There are no agi rings from valor points, even though there is one for every other role.

No, but there IS an epic ring from Earthen Ring rep with agility on it. THIS is the reason there is not one on the valor vendor. There is no other epic ring from rep other than the agility one.

Traps are resistable...SURPRISE. They produce elemental damage, what do you expect.

The Trap Launcher bug I can confirm. Saw it happen more than once in fights in BWD.
Trap Launcher bug happens when you cast Trap Launcher while another trap is in flight towards its target.
Try shooting a trap to max range and immediately activating trap launcher while it's in flight. Trap Launcher buff will fade because the game believes you have casted a trap; consuming the buff.
I've noticed that the Charge talent for pets is presently triggering diminishing returns on stuns, despite the tooltip stating it's an immobilize effect, as well as being flagged as an immobilize effect in the game's coding.
Bug #22 is really REALLY annoying! I hope they gonna fix it in the next patch!

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