[BugS] Compiled list of Hunter Bugs

Bug Report
bump for 16. Glyph of Kill Shot does not work on PVP targets.

very very annoying bug that has been around for a while.
Definately bump for 22 (and I, of course, happily bump for the rest)

As a BM hunter, it gets quite annoying to have my pet die in one hit, rez the pet for ten seconds, then kill the mob that killed my pet.
No, but there IS an epic ring from Earthen Ring rep with agility on it. THIS is the reason there is not one on the valor vendor. There is no other epic ring from rep other than the agility one.

it dosnt matter that rep rings are there.

there are rep tanking boots still tanking boots can be purchased by valor as well.

same happen for mail agi boots, you can get epic mail agi boots from hyjal rep or valor.

valor boots are better not the case here.

Traps are resistable...SURPRISE. They produce elemental damage, what do you expect.

thats fine even at spell pen and hit cap traps are getting resisted, so tell me what pvp hunters need to get to get rid of rng on traps.

isnt hit cause spell hit for casters should be the same for hunters when fighting a mob same lvl in this case lvl 85 vs 85.

again spell pen at any lvls fix this.
01/18/2011 2:56 AMPosted by Remn
Trap Launcher bug happens when you cast Trap Launcher while another trap is in flight towards its target.
Try shooting a trap to max range and immediately activating trap launcher while it's in flight. Trap Launcher buff will fade because the game believes you have casted a trap; consuming the buff.

it dosnt matter how it happen, this supose to be off the gcd, no cd and not getting in the way to make hunters spell more cunkly.

worse thing that happen to hunters was trap launcher. even tho i agree it save some time and give me some dps when used in pve.

gota load it at least 10 sec before i know im going to trap otherwise i end up with a trap on my feets, having both the trap and the trap launcher keybinded from spell book no special macros or anything to interfere with it. still no way to rely on trap launcher other than load it 10 sec before you going to trap something.

now that will stop autoshots is going to get even worse.

hunters: hey hunters have a lot of bugs.
Blizard: thats fine we are going to fix only the ones helping you while adding more that will cripple you more next patch.
blah, page glitched and i lost my post ...

annnyway, ill pick it up again later ... when i have time,
but suffice to say, pvp =/= pve with trap resistances, players can have a higher resist chance than a regular mob.
Wha? I'm pretty sure I've had LnL proc back to back before...
Please post issues as separate threads, always search and post separately.

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