Best dungeon to get heavy leather drops

I am way behind on my leatherworking, are their any dungeons that i could solo that would drop a lot of heavy leather, or even medium? Thanks!
RFK has a nice spot where all the bats are at, and that 1 boss pig, you will get medium/heavy and 1-2 heavy hides from this place.

Thick leather is plentiful in Ungoru crater,but you gotta single kill everything and skin it, takes a crapload of mats and its extremely slow, AH prices are outrageous for all these middle mats.
Dustwallow Marsh raptors Northern ones by Stinky drop medium and other mats for LWing.
Southern ones drop heavy, also the dragonkin over by Onyxia's cave is another good spot for heavy's and the lowbies trying to get to her cave for a quest will love you.
Best place i've found is in feralas near Rage Scar Hold killing yeti's. The spawn rate is medium-high and they also drop cloth rather than grey items
Th it helps.

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