holy paladin. requests

ive recently discovered that holy paladins when there in the t 10 gear at lvl 85 crit for alot more then the new gear.

for example last night.

i put on my t10 highest crit was 60k.
new gear highest crit was 32k.

the new gear was all 333 item level + and 1 epic shield lvl 85 epic.

tell me there isnt something wrong. looks to me blizz already nerfed the holy paladin. and i heard they were going to nerf it agian. dont make this spec anymore unplayable as it is.

i played holy paladin for 2 years and ever since cataclysm i have ben called a #!%# pally cause the heals suck.

its bad enouph u took the druid tree form and made it into a Cool down.

i think the holy pally deserves a buff instead of a nerf.
first off:
ive recently discovered that holy paladins when there in the t 10 gear at lvl 85 crit for alot more then the new gear.

...it's They're, not there.


where are you getting 60k from? even in ICC with my 277 gear on I never hit that high unless I was using LoH. So you're obviously yanking on something in your rear.


You're entry lvl heroicly geared. So your heals are not going to be awesome. You say you have 2yrs experience and are called (i assume) sh!tty. Since you missed out on vanilla and TBC holy paladin healing, I suggest you do one thing... forget everything you knew these past 2 years in Wrath and learn how to keep players alive and forget HPS and keeping everyone at 100% throughout the whole duration of a boss fight, cause it aint gunna happen son.

p.s. tree form is now a buff, much like our wings 'n what not. It works out better imo. I hated those trees, I missed the old resto druids in elf/cow (and now dog/troll) forms.
I guess I could offer some pointers:

-rotate CDs and save guardian for when tank needs heals and you're too weak on mana to spam everything.
-Keep Hand of Sacrifice buffed on the tank when he/she pulls more than 3-4 mobs (usually when CC is low) and on bosses, keep it on CD along with aura mastery to reduce tank dmg. With warriors its awesome because they already have dmg reduction their selves.

you can heal any way you want but you can go from fail to awesome in an instant if you just use our 50 thousand CDs we got now lol, trust me :P
holy pallies are fine.

The only way to get a 60k critical healing is with holy light buffed with crusade rank 3 with avenging wrath.

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