Do Holy Palis Need Spirit On PvP Gear?

Gearing up my holy pali for some pvp healing and I'm wondering if i should take the haste gear or the spirit gear.
Take all spirit gear, not hast. the hast wont help you at all truthfully in pvp. 90% of the time we have to rely on our instants and when were not relying on our instants were using flash of light which uses alot of mana. Go all spirit you wanna get enough spirit so even if you get mana burned or go oom you can still cast holy shock/word of glory . Remember to judge every cooldown also, almost every healer in pvp is based on keeping there mana up. and besides, even with all the hast gear you can only get up to 12%, which is pretty #!%*.
Definitely spirit

edit: i cant spell spirit

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