If both geared, is RET as good as DK in PvP?

If they both are geared, is the DK (blood,frost,unholy) way better or is it close and is RET competitive?
While I don't know entirely and everyone wants to "QQ" against the class they currently play, I think I gotta say DK has a huge advantage over Retribution at the moment, I'm not sure how much gear one guy in Tol Barad had, but me and a shadow priest tried killing a DK and he literally killed both of us without dropping below 70%, Embarrassing I know.

But with our self heals nerfed sorta recently and DK damage is insane compared to Rets, And with their new abilities and desecration I dont think we have to survivability, snare effects or damage to compete with a DK
you'll do better in arenas as holy, thats just the way blizz designed it. sad but true
I have to say, that I can handle DKs fairly well. As always spams heals out maneuver them and figure them out during a fight. They should last a while if you're equally geared. I literally fought an Unholy for several minutes and forced him to pop Army to heal himself with as he had already used his pet to heal with previously since i just kept spam fearing it. He died shortly after. Just don't do stupid stuff like try to stun them when they have AMS up. Glyphing divine prot has it uses inbetween "omg i need to heal" space attempts and use it in between gaps to avoid some damage from DC/IC/HB spam.
If a DK is smart and uses Necrotic Strike often there is not alot you can heal against them. However, as our class relies somewhat on CDs; you should still be able to beat a DK with everything up (in a fair fight).

Fear the pet, keep up the pressure, and do some damage. Trying to outlast a DK can end badly for a ret.

Also alot of DKs like to chain defensive CD's, so watch for Anti Magic Sheild (like Seriphim said) AND Icebound Fortitude. Immunity to your stuns during both, as well as magic damage during AMS.

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If they both are geared, is the DK (blood,frost,unholy) way better or is it close and is RET competitive?

It depends on what context you mean.


As people have said, a Ret can take a DK down. IIRC DK doesn't have a Dispel mechanic, so the AW/Zealotry will be OK.


Ret is a good BG player, with a nice mix of offheals and burst.


DK is superior by a freaking mile. DK is the best melee peeler in Arena, they can prevent a target from kiting, and more important the current Necrotic Strike mechanics feels like Mortal Strike pre-4.0. This is the part I don't get. MS effects were all nerfed pretty heavily (a GREAT change IMO for class balance). But NS basically makes it very difficult / mana inefficient to heal a target.

Check out my 2k video with the DK commentary at the end:

NS is getting nerfed to be affected by target Resil in 4.0.6, but my gut feel is that is still will not be enough of a nerf. Most targets now have maybe 35% Resil mitigation, so the other 65% of healing will still be absorbed, if I'm understanding the 4.0.6 nerf correctly. And that's still too much for balance, relative to the MS effects from other classes.

DK's already have plenty of CC / debuffs / DPS. NS on top of that is just silly.

In my battlegroup's ladder, 7 of the top 10 2v2 teams have a DK.

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