Random idea for holy wrath. (ret)

Holy wrath seems to have a lot of little problems with Ret at the moment, so I was thinking a talent to morph holy wrath into a different spell (similar to a frost mages orb talent) would be a neat way to spice things up. Something like...

Wrath of the Arbiter
Your Holy Wrath spell will now change properties based on what seal is currently active.

Truth - Single target strike that deals X% of weapon damage (physical) plus X% per stack of censure. (holy)

Righteousness - Sword crashes down dealing x% holy damage to all enemies in front of the paladin (frontal cone, similar to cone of cold). Maybe toss in the demon/undead stun in here. This is our AOE seal anyway so we'd be wanting something to this effect, it would also make us more mindful of positioning when we use it.

Insight - Single target strike that deals X% of weapon damage and heals the paladin for x% of total health (a sorta death strike Esq move). Rets need another way to heal themselves and a 15 sec cd pseudo death strike wouldn't be too shabby.

Justice - Something PvP related. Like a 10-15 yard weak distance strike that dazes the target for a few seconds. Paladin's have a hard time in the 10-15 yard range in pvp. LaotL only reaches for 15-30 yards, and it's relatively easy to kite from that distance. Some relatively weak semi-ranged ability would do wonders. It would not only cement this as a solid pvp seal, it'd synergize well with LaotL and the relatively weak running debuff the seal offers.

Doubt it would happen, and if it did it would have to be heavily tweeked or overhauled to not be too over powered for both PvE and PvP. But to be honest I don't really know anyone who likes the new Holy Wrath, and something like this could fix some of the issues ret's still dealing with.
the current ret changes makes us more than viable in pvp.

as I was already viable in pvp before the fixes...go figure
cool idea
i'd rather see something like this as a side effect of holy wrath rather than a talent...

seal of truth x damage per stack single target

seal of justice single target snare 15 yd range (common what class besides Pally doesn't have a snare?...no really i want to know)

seal of insight aoe % heal buff to aoe heals only

seal of righteousness some form of aoe

I also think holy wrath needs its damage in aoe to decrease incrementally not exponentially ie drops 10% per target instead of dividing between targets.

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