[A] <Casualty> recruiting for 10 mans

Aerie Peak
We are a brand new guild on Aerie Peak. We are skilled and experienced players who have raided together in the past and have decided to get together to knock out the Cataclysm raids.

In our first six hours of raiding we've downed 5 bosses.

We are currently recruiting any skilled player.

Our raids run from 9 until 12 EST (6-9 PST) on Tuesday and Wednesday. If you are interested in getting into a great guild and get some great achievements, please apply at http://casualty-raiding.wowstead.com

For more information contact Yaeg or Xantharien.
Any specific classes/specs you are looking for?
Anyone who's skilled is encouraged to apply. However, we especially need a mage or survival hunter.

And of course we could always use more healers and tanks.

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