Rogue Professions?

Currently, I have herblore and jewelcrafting. I know I'll have to drop herblore for mining so i can level my jewelcrafting, but... is it better to drop herblore get mining and farm enough mats for jewelcrafting max and engineer or is it better to drop both and pick 2 different professions?

Basically, what are the best professions for a rogue?
Jewelcrafting is great. Don't drop it. To fix your issue the easiest thing to do is make a death knight and level. Then you can mine (and herb if you want) and not worry about sacrificing a profession on your rogue. Engineering and enchanting are both good professions to go with.
I have a level 61 druid with Herblore and Alch so dropping herblore isn't a major problem, but I appreciate the advice... I think I'll do engineering as well as JC.

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