Beech Green Belt vs Girdle of the Mountains

Hi guys,

Just curious here, but a cursory glance at the Beech Green Belt
vs the Girdle of the Mountains

seems to have the girdle coming out on top?

I got about 1.8% mitigation/avoidance (whatever you are using these days) pre gem/ench for the girdle of the mountains with a reforge to mastery.
and over 2% with the Beech Green Belt, add to that the yellow socket means you can add a Puissant Dream Emerald

Does this make the dps belt the better belt for tanking (under cap anyway)? Or have I completely missed something here?
hmm nobody has any thoughts on this?
I think everyone's thoughts are that you are a dk posting in the paladin forums. Not sure what the whole goal was there.
sorry, didn't bother to change to my pally...

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