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I was just wondering does hammer of the righteous replace crusader strike?
In AoE situations, yes. For single target Crusader Strike is still your Holy Power generator.
thanks brosef
At low levels HotR will be superior to Crusader Strike on single targets (and sometimes by a large amount.) Generally speaking, Crusader Strike won't be better against single targets until your 80s with a slow one-hander and a lot more attack power.

Continually check the two abilities against single mobs and review combat logs, or use an addon, to check single-target damage yourself.
^ What Tazot said. HotR will out pace CS for quite a while.

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01/08/2011 1:59 PMPosted by Mawka
My Crusader Strike did not do more damage than my HotR until I was 83 and using a 2.6 speed blue weapon. So, yes, eventually, CS will be better on single target, but not for a long time.

My HotR is still better than CS, so I think Mawka is about right. This will vary based on your equipment and talents, of course, as well as what targets you are facing (targets with higher armor will receive more damage from HotR, whose holy damage component is not mitigated.)

I wouldn't bother with CS on your toolbar until your 80s, and even then keep testing it to determine at which point it is better.

You should also note that with a lot of Vengeance-derived attack power your CS may be better than HotR, as CS scales better with attack power than HotR. But this is another factor that likely won't surface until you start doing WOTLK heroics and have sufficient stamina to generate a large amount of Vengeance attack power.

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