Gear Check (Prot)

Hey guys, I'm at a 349 ilvl but I'm worried about hit and mitigation. Ive stacked stam and I'm afraid that was a fail even though I have lots of hp.

Can someone good inspect my gear and let me know what I should work on? Thanks lots!

Certainly no expert here, but it looks like you could reforge some of that avoidance (dodge/parry) into mastery on items that don't have it. With that ilvl block should be higher in my opinion.
As for hit, I run very low hit and expertise as I haven't seemed to have much trouble, though probably needs to be higher to run raid bosses, maybe 4 - 5 percent.

Hope that helps.
You need to get more mastery through reforging/gemming/enchants. There's no real need to stack stam, and hit/expertise aren't very high priority atm given the threat we get from vengeance.

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