Whats ur wep enchant and what seal do u use?

This is for tanking btw. I've always used seal of insight and since Cata my wep enchant has been mending. I haven't had too much trouble holding aggro except a little going against a hunter pulling about 17k. Should I be using seal of truth for better threat and keep the wep enchant I have now for some extra healing? Or should I keep using seal of insight and perhaps put hurricane on my weapon? I was thinking if hurricane procs, that might give me threat from the fast attacks and also heal me for quite a bit.
I recall having complaints from a prot pally with mending on his wep earlier tonight on Maloriak, it only proc'd 3 times throughout the duration of the fight.
I've never paid attention to how often it procs, but lately I've been thinking hurricane enchant + seal of insight could help generate a lot of threat and healing single target assuming it procs quite often.
proc on hurricane is ridiculous.

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