An Inciteful Read

These forums are turning into a "Not Another Ret Paladin Tread" fest.

The best solution? Changing our percentage proc to a proc. The best way without super massive QQ? This:

Divine Purpose (1/2 points): Your Judgment and Templar's Verdict will allow you to use a holy power ability as if you had 3 holy power 3/5 times per minute."

I shouldn't have to explain this for PvE; It's a no brainer.

For PvP, it maintains reliability and is most wanted. If you're getting kited? We have the ability to not be kited given some skill, and with repentance not breaking on Censure, even more so. We can cast Judgment 7 times per minute based on CD without set bonuses, more then enough opportunity to get a few needed WoGs in, if not for yourself then your teammates (As we do uber heals to fellow players if speced properly since our best role in PvP since i could remember, regardless of what you all think, has been a support role with decent damage.)

I could go on into scenarios in PvP that could call for this wonderful utility, but since I'm hoping all your eyes lit up at the thought you can come up with them on your own.

As for the other changes, Good job Blizzard. I'm loving the mastery change, it was greatly needed and I'll feel like more of a paladin since I'll actually be doing Holy damage all the time. And I have been waiting for the return of Sacred Shield since it's been taken away. It has great potential depending on how much damage it absorbs and can't wait to see it live.

In conclusion, with my above suggestion, Ret paladins would be fixed. With the exception of Exorcism getting nerfed in the future due to Strength>Ap>Sp Scaling.

(P.S.) Having Judgment stack Censure (as it should really) to the addition of auto attacks is also the easiest way to lessen our ramp up time without getting there ridiculously fast, not to mention keeping Censure on a target we're getting kited by/having flee from us.

Feedback would be awesome

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