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I don't understand why (boa) gear is BIND ON ACCOUNT, But i am not able to transfer it through server and i have to pay $25 for a transfer. Blizzard should put fine print or allow you to transfer it through the servers.
The gear is truly bind on account, the only problem is that there is no interconnection between the realm mail systems to allow you to mail it around.

Blizzard have said they would like to find a solution for this but currently you are limited by the mail system restrictions.
The reason being is because at some point in the future, they want to allow players to mail BoA items cross realm. As of right now the technology is limited, and thus not allowed. Once they are able to do it, unless their plans have changed, they will let us know.

Yes you can go ahead and transfer a toon to another realm with BoA gear, successfully sending it to your target realm, but thats all thats allowed.

If they were after the money, you would not be able to send them to the other faction at all without paying for a faction change.

Its not false advertisement, its more advertising whats to come. They are not trying to trick you, but they also dont want people to just be able to transfer characters without a fee. This is to keep realms stable.

So try to see past whats now, and what the future may hold. They try to create boundaries far before releasing new things, and this is one of the finer examples.
Many Items are account bound, but do not give you the ability to transfer from server to server. The term means that it can only be Transferred to characters that belong to you on the your server. At least your able to cross faction mail the items, They were nice enough to do that.

Of you course, you don't need the BoA items to level, and transferring a character with those items on their person is certainly not something that you are required to do.

You cannot mail completely unbound items cross-server either, and those are supposed to be the least restricted type. I wouldn't expect to mail a bound item cross-server when I cannot mail a grey, white or unbound BOE. They have added cross-server to BOA since it was implemented, so perhaps later, but it's not deceptive the way it is either. Beyond that, you just need to know what each type is.

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