Pandaria Paladin Pre Raid Gear Guide (5.2)

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Anairam, thank you for updating guide... if you're still working on it, the new blacksmithing weapons once upgraded can provide options for each spec. For prot I'd suggest wicked edge of the planes as an acceptable alternative, the one-handed mace from the set is pretty good for holy I think, and I believe there's a two-handed strength weapon for ret. They might be expensive for a little while but the prices will drop once more of the steel, a daily cooldown, has been created.
With the focus on Prot pallies stacking Haste and Mastery, I'd advise gearing prot pallies to not ignore the ret section, as it provides a few pieces that are optimal for tanking.
"It will ALWAYS be up to date with the best pre raid gear no matter the content currently in progress so, visit the guide often!"

I am disappoint.
01/07/2011 09:52 AMPosted by Anairam
Vanguard's Battletags

Snicker snicker.

What honor-based shield? There is none.

Malevolent Gladiator's Shield Wall

I stand corrected. Somehow I missed that in my searches. As did many threads on raid tanking gear. Thanks for pointing out a very acceptable option.
Does the list on the first page of this post still apply to 5.4?

If not, anyone have a link to a list for protection paladins please. Thank you.
With timeless gear, is this still necessary?

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