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So here we are in the first week of January.

Yup, just sitting here with no sign of the 4th Official WoW magazine much less the 5th. Yes, if Blizzard/Future was up to date and staying on schedule we'd be opening up the plastic wrap on WoW #5 right now but as it stands we've not even seen a whisper about #4 at this point.

That being the case, I've made the decision not to resubscribe.

I'm more than willing to wait on content patches; no concrete promises are made for those and at most we've only ever had to wait a week once dates are announced. Magazines, however, are not run on such lax schedules. Purchase of a subscription comes with a promise of a consistent schedule and set delivery windows.

Blizzard/Future have epically failed at living up to their end of the agreement and I am not going to continue believing that they might. It's probably my fault for holding out hope since the summer when most had given up on their promise.

This is not about magazine quality, I was quite happy with that. My gripe is about the lax publishing schedule. While Nethaera did post a half-hearted apology some time back, I've yet to see any reason to believe things will change.

Apologies without change are what you would expect from an alcoholic, not a major business venture.

It's over and I'm done. I do have one question though. Will Blizzard/Future send me the 4th issue as promised? Or have costs of this debacle convinced them to only send WoW #4 to those that have active subscriptions for it's release?
Maybe Blizzard thinks they can run their magazine they way they run their MMO.
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On another note my Playboy arrives always on time.

I probably should subscribe to another magazine. You know, so I have something interesting to read.
After finding out about this, I am very glad I didn't subscribe at the Blizzcon where it was first introduced. I was sorely tempted.

The difference between the game and the magazine... you actually have game to play and things to do while you wait on the next content patch, and that's what your subscription is paying for. In a magazine, you're paying with the expectancy to have new articles to read in a timely manner. In wow, you can stop paying the subscription and resubscribe when the patch hits and still have the patch to play. In a magazine, typically you won't have that luxury. If you're not subscribed when a new one comes out, you won't get it.

I hope, at this rate, you're charging people on a per magazine basis and not on a time frame, blizz. It's very disheartening to see, otherwise.
at this are better off making a written complaint to your states Attorney Generals office...the Company that you are complaining about is identified in the magazine, including thier address, etc etc...

You should also communicate this info to blizzard...

Community Managers Email:

bliz probably gets royalties from the magazine publisher...and since we are thier customers...who were referred to this magazine from WoW's website...they should take this as a RED FLAG and demand this company fulfill thier obligations....or terminate the license they granted the company to use the WoW logo et al...
by the way...according to the magazines terms of service...blizzard owns the magazine...see here :

(1st 2 paragraphs;)

By subscribing to the World of Warcraft® The Magazine ("Magazine") published by Future US, Inc. ("Future"), you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement (this "Agreement") and Future’s privacy policy (www.worldofwarcraftthemagazine/privacy). If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions or Future’s privacy policy, do not subscribe to the Magazine.

The personal information that you have provided to us, for the purposes set forth below, will be collected and maintained on servers in the United States, and will be shared with Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., the owner of the World of Warcraft® The Magazine. For more information regarding Blizzard's privacy policies, please go to There may also be further transfers to other countries or parties for the purposes of fulfilling your subscription to the magazine such as collection, transferring, storage and processing of your information that may have less protective data protection standards than the region in which you are situated (including the European Union).

(end of paste)

the magazine itself claims to be owned by an entity in Bath, England

they claim about 89k subscriptions (paid @39.95 ea/over 3.5 Million dollars)

at what point does this become criminal...
"Apologies without change are what you would expect from an alcoholic, not a major business venture."

well said, seriously, why does it take 6 months to publish what was supposed to be a "quarterly" magazine... pretty pictures and half-arsed articles...sounds like this company hit the jackpot and they have been slacking off at work because they won the contract of a lifetime but never really intended on honoring their end

one quote i HATED that the publishing company posted shortly before issue 3 went something like

"we'll be finished when we're finished"

that's a crap attitude
Another three weeks have passed and not a peep out of either company. Neither Future nor Blizzard seems to want to address this issue.

As I said before, they seem to be treating this whole situation in a very glib manner.

As a reminder to everyone:
  • Issue 4 is now 17 weeks late.
  • Issue 5 is now 3 weeks late.
  • Issue 6 is due in 9 weeks.

Of course, I only care about Issue 4 as I will not be renewing my subscription, ever. I would encourage everyone else to do that same as it's clear you will probably not be getting your money's worth out of it. At the very least you are not getting fully what you paid for.

As a reminder to Blizzard and Future (from your own terms and conditions):
The Magazine is published four (4) times a year.
Ah, here we are. Another two weeks since my last post in this thread and five weeks since I started this thread. This is downright dumbfounding.

Not a single word, not a peep, not a whisper. Hell, there haven't even been any rumors.

Here's an update:
  • Issue 4 is now 19 weeks late.
  • Issue 5 is now 5 weeks late.
  • Issue 6 is due in 7 weeks.

I'm not one to spam threads or continually /bump them to try and get a response out of Blizzard. All that could serve to do is put a thorn in the sides of the mods who try to keep this forum from getting out of hand. But I do know that the CMs read these threads and report back on things and I have every intention to continue to remind Blizzard that they (and Future) have failed utterly and miserably when it comes to the World of Warcraft Magazine. They made promises to their customers and have not fulfilled them (not even close).
Is there any chance that Blizzard can investigate this issue for us? I've only had frustrating replies from the company that publishes the magazine. I ordered my subscription for 2 years and it is starting to feel like I'll never get my 4th issue.
What possible advantage is there to printed media about a video game? Most information is already old new before the ink dries.
Hello, my name is Tinwhisker and it's been 19 days since my last post in this thread.

Last Friday I opened my mailbox as I usually do every day and for a moment I thought I had received my 4th issue of the Official World of Warcraft Magazine. Instantly I felt a high that I've not felt for a while; it was like all of my dreams had come true. To my disappointment though, it was just another periodical magazine for my wife. She seems to get them on a regular basis that Blizzard and Future just aren't able to match.

I was so distraught that I nearly broke down in tears. I called my sponsor and we talked for a long time about life and how it can sometimes disappoint us and I felt a lot better. He reminded me that disappointments are no reason to turn back to what I've already decided to leave behind.

One day at a time, man, one day at a time. I'll get through this and learn to live my life without the magazine I've paid for.

And again, the list:
  • Issue 4 is now 22 weeks late.
  • Issue 5 is now 8 weeks late.
  • Issue 6 is due in 4 weeks.
I, like Tin, will not be renewing my subscription. Waiting almost six months, for a three month publication, is just ridiculous. I'll admit the magazine is beautifully produced. When they have sent out it, it's definitely a well made product. But there are limits to how long you are willing to wait for something, no matter the quality of the product.

To be honest, it's been so long since I received it, I had forgotten about it. I still hope that one day I will receive that 4th edition I'm entitled to, but in all honesty, I'm putting this down as an experiment that failed.
personally I think they have a lot of nerve putting an advertisement for the magazine up on the launcher today considering its been months since we've received the 3rd issue and both the 4th and 5th issues are so late. if you click on the link on the launcher it takes you to website, which still features a preview for issue 3. its outrageous that they would continue to help this company take money from the fans, but remain silent about the fact that no one is getting what they paid for.
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personally I think they have a lot of nerve putting an advertisement for the magazine up on the launcher today considering its been months since we've received the 3rd issue and both the 4th and 5th issues are so late. if you click on the link on the launcher it takes you to website, which still features a preview for issue 3. its outrageous that they would continue to help this company take money from the fans, but remain silent about the fact that no one is getting what they paid for.

Every time I see that on the launcher I get a twinge in my wallet.
Ah, the Ides of March. "Et tu Blizzard?"

As promised, I 'm not spamming the forums, using foul language, posting in caps, etc. These are just simple reminders and updates to the WoW Community and to Blizzard and Future how much the magazine has failed in it's promises to provide timely content to their subscribers.

On to the list:
  • Issue 4 is now 24 weeks late.
  • Issue 5 is now 10 weeks late.
  • Issue 6 is due in 2 weeks.

In two weeks (first week of April) I'll be putting Issue 7 on that list. That would be a shame to have an entire years worth of issues showing up there. A single issue should be shameful enough but an entire year is just awful.
Just wanted to let you know that I received an email today saying that issue #4 is on the way. I have received 2 magazines out of the 4 I have ordered (#2 said it was the Spring 2010 issue - they didn't even pretend that issue #3 had a season). I wrote to the company when they didn't get issue #3 to me in any sort of timely manner and I have written to them again a couple times wondering whether or not issue #4 would ever grace my mailbox. This last time I simply said that I would be more than happy with half of my subscription cost returned to me. I will warn everyone out there that has even thought of subscribing - DON'T. I thought about subscribing for a couple of years, but decided on a one year trial. They have already lost any thought of me resubscribing to this. I have officially received more resubscription notices than I have magazines so far. I am good and done with this magazine in about 3 years when that 4th issue they owe me finally arrives.
I appreciate Tin's periodical updates. It is the only periodical I can truly count on.

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