Old World leveling is happening far too fast.


So, I say the above after leveling both an Undead and a Dwarf recently. Neither wore any heirlooms, neither were using the guild exp. boost. Dungeons were kept to a minimum (once/per dungeon) and BG's were non-existent.

Despite this - I was still out leveling zones by as much as 5 levels. Having just completed Loch Modan, I was faced with a quest log full of grey quests by the end of it. In order to keep some semblance of a challenge, I turned exp. off on my Undead until I was within the level range of the quests. My Dwarf cannot afford the same luxury so I have to options: skip a zone entirely (Wetlands) or get stuck with a quest log full of green/grey quests.

I realize the desire to make leveling a more enjoyable experience but, I find this to be a little much. Roflstomping quest mobs isn't my idea of fun, really. One would think Blizzard would like new players to see all their hard work that went into the new Azeroth but, the prospect of skipping zones is only hindering this goal.

I suggest either lowering quest exp or increasing the exp. required to level. Thanks,

PS: Please give players the option of turning off guild exp. boosts. I'm inclined to keep new characters 'pure' of any leveling luxuries, only so I can enjoy the experience at the pace it's intended to be played at. Thanks,
Please give players the option of turning off guild exp. boosts.

/gquit there i just turned it off
I agree with this completely.

Recently returning to WoW, I am constantly overleveling the new zones(I actually feel like I'm missing out on content because I'm leveling too fast) with no heirlooms/guild exp and very few dungeons.

I think heirlooms should make leveling the way it is now without heirlooms, and leveling without heirlooms should take quite a bit longer.
Really, stop blaming it on tiny factors like heirlooms and guild perks.

Levelling 1-60 is fast now. Breathtakingly fast if you played Vanilla. For a simple reason - level 60 is only a quarter of the way to the cap now.

I know many players don't mind levelling up taking a long time. Old school RPers, or people who just love questing (like me). But the fact is a huge percentage of the players don't much care about levelling except as something they "gotta do" to get to the "real game" at 85 and so they shrunk the early stuff way down to allow that.

The rest of the zones are all still there. So you can't do them all without greying most of them out. Roll an alt and do the other zones on it - there's not much difference between it taking 6 days to get one toon to 60, and 6 days to get 6 toons to 60, except that now you have all these extra toons to play with. Maybe take off some of your gear and do the zones while they're grey, it's still fairly challenging that way. There are multiple ways for the player to make something take longer, but usually not to make it shorter. So, they make it short by default and then let you stretch it out in your own way as long as you want.
I feel like I'm skipping 75% of the zones that Blizzard went through the trouble of updating. The thing is, I can always head back to finish the zones at a later date when I'm bored.

Quests that send players onto the next zone are located at the end of a zone, and back in the capital cities. The latter option is a little out of the way if you aren't leveling professions or posting auctions for exorbitant prices, but it is still there.

One thing Blizzard could do is implement another option for Bhesten and Slahtz that will reduce the exp gains from monsters and quests to a "more manageable level". I won't pretend to know the perfect rate, but the goal would be to allow players to experience the entire zone in each the questing path.

P.S. I apologize for committing necromancy
OP - I've previously made the same suggestion :)

There should be a heirloom... shirt, or something, that removes all xp bonuses from guild perks and heirlooms (and maybe rested XP, too).
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One run through every dungeon is NOT minimal dungeon runs. At all. That's a WHOLE LOT of exp gained just through dungeons, which is the culprit behind your issue.

Not true. I ran a character through the game, and routinely out-leveled zones by 3-4 levels (quests went grey) without doing dungeons. Dungeons make it worse, true, but you'll still level up faster than you can do the content.
You people know that you're replying to a post that's 16 months old, right?
Honestly I think it actually helps the game. When you are leveling another character, you always have new content that you never got to do. At least gives you more of a motive to go to some zones you may have missed.

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