Looking forward to not being as gimpy...but

So, new changes look promising and I'm looking forward to playing more in general. For a few weeks i kinda gave up on cata. The long q times, hostile community, getting my face smashed in heroics left me thinking this expansion seemed unpolished and rushed out to keep stealing my $15 every month. My pally felt like a polished turd....but still a turd nonetheless. I'm glad they are tweaking our mechanics a bit, but i'd still like to see:

-art of war proc off something other than auto attacks...it's just not fun(I'm thinking judge/hw)

-divine storm 100% chance to generate a holy power and balanced to replace cs for aoe situations like HotR for prot.

-ret aura is garbage..needs a change

-seal of justice needs to die...give us back judgement of justice...or something better

-seal of truth ramp up can die too...i personally miss seal of blood/martyr..minus the emo self dmg. Holy power ramp up is sufficient...having a seal that needs ramp up too is redundant. That way we have sob/m for single targets/pvp and sor for aoe. Censure somehow worked in to both seals without ramp up. I know I'll get flamed for this, but i'd like to hear other suggestions if anyone has any other than all of our abilities stack censure.

-cs on a lower cooldown and dmg with changes balanced accordingly. I hate waiting around for so long in between abilities. Sanctity of battle would have to change due to this somehow.

-not getting out healed by warriors, dk's and rogues...like wtf

Here's to hoping we're getting back on track..ty blizz
I won't miss another person complaining on the forums, go ahead and quit, see who cares.
lol @ dps complaining about queue times


quit, nobody cares.
I never said i was quitting, just that I haven't been playing nearly as much. The point of my post was to suggest/point out a few other things that I think still need to be addressed in light of the new changes. Good job on missing the point...u 2 should hook up.

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