Terrath's Signet of Balance, prot, agi & hit

Terrath's Signet of Balance

I'm just starting to gear up for tanking normals at 85 and I was surprised that the Therazane rep item above isn't mentioned in the gear guides like:


With my current gear I'm under the hit and expertise caps and in addition to Felsen's Ring of Resolve it seemed like a better second ring than Gorsik's Band of Shattering which is generally mentioned for a threat set.

Anyway, am I not supposed to be trying to make the hit and expertise caps or is there some other reason Terrath's Signet of Balance isn't preferred if you are under the hit cap?
Agility is terrible for Paladins. Something with Str and less of those other attributes you need would be far better, as would using a Str item in that slot and making up the hit and expertise elsewhere.
Okay, I guess I'm confused on the contribution of agility to dodge. With Kings, my Dodge goes from 7.56% to 8.10% after equipping the ring.

As I said, I'm trying to meet my hit and expertise caps, otherwise I would go for mastery and dodge or mastery and parry, etc. Strength isn't going to give me as much parry as the same amount of agility will give me in dodge, assuming I'm not in the realm of diminishing returns, which I can't imagine I could be at this gear level.

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