Paladins across all specs need 60% plus constant snare effect to compete in pvp. Avenger shield is not even remotely enough for the protection. Arguement will be we have hand of freedom, with current broken diminshed returns, hand of freedom will need to be infinite to be realistic. Snares and root can be reapplied with very little effort from multipule class. Another arguement, but pally has a stun, Rofl every 40 secs if talented. Rogues have multipule stuns and best snare in the game, so it is possible to have both. Of course im not asking for god mode like rogues by asking for more stuns with a mana free, cooldown free, and worry free snare.
actually i rather to have more defensive spells , you know to make pallys not follow the same mold as the rest of classes in pvp be like "lolsnare/stunwut "

not asking for a spammable spell to break stuff , but something that helps with a reasonable cooldown and DR.
Remember ret in vanilla and TBC? It wasnt funny and the excuse they gave us was that we were "too defensive", you really wanna go back to that?

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