How you doin'?

I've been thinking about starting a new Horde character and have been trying to figure out what class to roll. I plan on doing this without any heirlooms, a full restart on a fresh server.

I'm leaning towards making a holy cow. So I want to know how you, the Paladin players, feel your class is doing. I've got a friend who plays his Paladin almost exclusively. It's been his main raiding character since we started on this server. He seems pretty happy with the class, but I'd still like to hear more opinions on the matter.

So, Paladins, how you doin?

Your opinions on both PvE and PvP are both welcome.
Play prot and holy... love the game

Play ret... quit in a week
Play a Protection Paladin, link is below if you need a leveling guide. Questing even 3-man elite quests is a breeze. PvP in lower brackets is good fun. And you insta queue in dungeon groups. If you plan on PvE'ing alot I'd dual spec at 30 into Holy. Its only 10gold now and you'll guarantee non stop LFD groups queue as both tank and heals. If the changes to Ret make them viable again, maybe dual spec Ret for PvP, but thats up to you.

As far as race if you go Alliance go Dwarf, 'nuf said. For Horde I'd say if you are mainly PvE it doesn't matter. For PvP BE's seem to have more tools, especially if Rebuke goes baseline. They will have access to Rebuke, Hammer of Justice, Avenger's Shield and Racial silence. Enough silence/interupt action to be a headache

Protection Paladin Leveling Guide -
Y'know what, don't do this to yourself. Roll a Deatknight and call it good!

Prot and Holy are fine, but if you want to kill stuff, you should probably wait until after the next patch.
Holy Paladins are godly, prot paladins are good tanks and well rounded, retribution is garbage in PvP and PvE.

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