Baelgun, now a great server to be on!

01/20/2011 2:49 PMPosted by Aventh
I thought he was a ginger?
<Zhaan is OP>
Baelgun was my first server and well there were some nice people and a lot of asshat.

Also everytime I have a Baelgun pug it is a tard.

Failgun sucks!
Baelgun is an amazing place to be, great people all around
Man you coulda fooled me, i'm the !@!%, when these dudes talk they be talkin bout meeee
this sever is still fun for the most part
KOTH is soon reaching level 25. I hate the idiots in trade chat who make fun of Knights of the Horde.
KOTH, Bane, Faytality, And Kings Cross Are Some Of The Best Guilds Ive Seen Among The Servers...We Poke Fun At Bane And KOTH But The Fact Is They Put The Work In And Deserve Their Moment In The Spotlight For Once...Since We All Know Banes Gonna Probably Get ZA/ZG Done As Soon As The Servers Back Up.
I cannot compare to other servers, but the majority of Baelgun would not get past Shannox. I find a few elite players, surrounded by a majority novice group. Maybe this is normal im not sure.
KOTH and Fatality good?
I did notice things got better on horde side while things on ally side got a little worse a while back.

Probably just coincidence, but I did hear something about a hor guild disbanding or faction changing at about the same time. Most likely nothin to do with it though.
The entire server is dead, the game is dying and everyone is quitting. <Bane> kept this server alive, and now it is dead.


You will learn that no one cares about you.
<Bane> lol, Biggest group of people i have ever carried. EOS

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