Inscription: unable to learn new glyphs

Can you please introduce some sort of glyph learning process where I can spend 1 CD a day to learn the glyph mastery book recipes or something?
The books are never on the AH anymore, and I'm missing 50 recipes.
Farming northrend mobs is pointless too as droprates are too low
Northrend Alchemy Research still works just fine.
01/10/2011 3:38 PMPosted by Nizzy
Northrend Alchemy Research still works just fine.

Northrend Alchemy Research doesn't teach you the book-only recipes.
yeah thats my problem. I have no way of getting the Book recipes, and the Books are never on the AH on my server (Ysera).
There needs to be a way to get them on current content. kind of like Alchemy random recipe learn process when making stuff.
I totally agree, I have a large amount of glyphs to learn and only two ways to possibly learn them.
1) Farm the Books (The drop rate is so low that to effectively farm this would take an enormous amount of time)
2) Buy the Books (Currently on my server (Argent Dawn) the rare occasion I see them they are at 1000g)
So we are left unable to make the items our Profession was designed to make.

And in case anyone was wondering here a list of Glyphs ONLY learned with the Book of Glyph Mastery.
Glyph of Arcane Barrage, Glyph of Barkskin, Glyph of Beacon of Light, Glyph of Berserk, Glyph of Bladestorm, Glyph of Chaos Bolt, Glyph of Chimera Shot, Glyph of Cloak of Shadows, Glyph of Dancing Rune Weapon, Glyph of Deep Freeze, Glyph of Demonic Circle, Glyph of Dispersion, Glyph of Divine Accuracy, Glyph of Divine Plea, Glyph of Explosive Shot, Glyph of Fan of Knives, Glyph of Feral Spirit, Glyph of Furious Sundering, Glyph of Guardian Spirit, Glyph of Hammer of the Righteous, Glyph of Haunt, Glyph of Hex, Glyph of Holy Shock, Glyph of Howling Blast, Glyph of Hungering Cold, Glyph of Ice Barrier, Glyph of Kill Shot, Glyph of Killing Spree, Glyph of Life Tap, Glyph of Master's Call, Glyph of Metamorphosis, Glyph of Mirror Image, Glyph of Penance, Glyph of Raptor Strike, Glyph of Riptide, Glyph of Salvation, Glyph of Savage Roar, Glyph of Scatter Shot, Glyph of Shadow Dance, Glyph of Shadowflame, Glyph of Shield of the Righteous, Glyph of Shield Wall, Glyph of Shockwave, Glyph of Slow, Glyph of Soul Link, Glyph of Spell Reflection, Glyph of Spirit Tap, Glyph of Starsurge, Glyph of Stoneclaw Totem, Glyph of Templar's Verdict.
This could be a situation like jewelcrafting where they don't intend every crafter to have every pattern. Scarcity adds value to crafted items.
WTB blue post about this
any more info on this?
I was at max lvl and had learned all the Books of Glyph Mastery in WotLK but I was still working my way through the northrend inscription research. Since the xpac came out I havent been able to learn any new glyphs, none at the trainer and northrend research does nothing but make scrolls now. Am I missing something?
This could be a situation like jewelcrafting where they don't intend every crafter to have every pattern. Scarcity adds value to crafted items.

There is so much wrong with this comparison I don't know where to start.

On one point, jewelcrafting is a gated progression. You get one token per day, and spend it on whatever you want. Inscription is partially a gated progression - you do one Northrend Inscription Research today, and while you don't get to choose what you get, you get something you don't already know until the available glyphs are learned. The books of glyph mastery, however, are not a gating mechanism. They're a resource you're supposed to buy from the player market, but the cost of that resource has increased enormously just because there are so many fewer people doing the content where they drop. You cannot farm them realistically, because the drop rate is so low. All you can do is farm up tons of gold and hope you're the guy who happens to check the AH when somebody has them posted.

On another point, the scarcity of jewelcrafting cuts is determined by the market. Rare cuts are rare because few players choose to learn them. If a particular cut is scarce but in demand for some reason, any crafter with the tokens can buy it and start satisfying the demand. The scarcity of the book of glyph mastery glyphs is arbitrarily chosen by Blizzard based purely on when they happened to be added to the game. Market forces have very little ability to bring about a correction here, because there flatly are not many opportunities for anybody at all to learn the particular glyphs, and whether you learn one that is actually in demand or not is random even if you get one of those opportunities.

On the last point, the absolute cost of learning the book of glyph mastery glyphs is completely out of whack compared to the cost of learning anything else in inscription. They are learned with a difficulty and cost appropriate to something from obsolete content, but unlike the fire resistance gear from Thorium Brotherhood rep or the dropped patterns from Trial of the Crusader (which are also quite uncommon these days) level 85 players are actually expected to use the glyphs. If it's absurdly hard to learn to make Black Chitin Bracers or Black Dragonscale Boots, nobody cares except a few completionists. If it's absurdly hard to learn the Glyph of Beacon of Light, that has a direct impact on the current game play experience of players doing content Blizzard is theoretically wanting to balance. Glyphs don't go obsolete like gear does, so allowing them to become painfully difficult and/or expensive to learn is inappropriate.
They need to add a daily that requires random herbs. Gives you a token. Trade token for research and book learned glyphs. Can add upgraded relics/cards in future - have recipes bought with said tokens since us making some pretty shoddy trinkets and 346 relics compared to other crafters popping out epics.. Eh.
What? You don't want to pay 5,000G for a book to learn a glyph of random value when it pops up on the AH maybe once every two months?

Because of this little 'nuance' of Inscription it makes it the WORST to learn. Let me be very clear:

This isn't because of the way the learning process is handled, it's because there is NO ONE PLAYING IN NORTHREND RIGHT NOW. Many folks just power through or spend time in PvP, dungeons, etc instead of running the quests.

When WotLK was released I understand this was a viable solution, however, now it puts us at a disadvantage and makes it next to impossible for people who chose Inscription as their profession to actually take advantage of all the benefits it provides.

It makes me crazy that even though I am 525 in Inscription, I still have to pay over 300G for a glyph?! What was the point in taking the hours to learn this and doing my Northrend/Minor Inscription Research every single day?

Why not add the books at the same low rate drop somewhere in Cata? Then there would be a chance we'd see them on the AH every once in a while or perhaps get them as a drop in the new content.

As it stands I would never suggest this profession to anyone, ever. It's absolutely frustrating.

Please add balance to this profession?
They were supposed to make northrend research give you the recipes in the books as well.

Dunno if that ever made it to live or not.

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