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Emerald Dream
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I just transferred to this server... any good sources to read up on so I can begin RPing? (I'm not new to the concept, I just need some good background and lore to figure out my char's backstory.)
Yes! For starters I would recommend reading up on whatever races you play on this site: www.wowpedia.org

Another good source of RP tips is WoW Insider's ongoing series "All the World's a Stage" which you can find here: http://wow.joystiq.com/category/all-the-worlds-a-stage/

There is also a sticky RP guide on this very forum that contains a lot of good advice.
Therm to spite bump

Faleav rips shreds of today's mail and reorders them, amused.

01/18/2011 3:51 PMPosted by Feythylan
I just transferred to this server... any good sources to read up on so I can begin RPing? (I'm not new to the concept, I just need some good background and lore to figure out my char's backstory.)
Though the resources our dear troll has mentioned can be of immeasurable value for some players, no preparation is actually required to begin roleplaying. You can start as soon as you enter the game world.

Though a backstory can truly add depth to a character, one can manage to go through the game world without one -- or while in the process of making one. The following are a collection of lines that can be used by new players wishing to delay elaboration of their backstory without breaking character.

- "I... don't really like to talk about it."
- "I'm no one of consequence. Really, it's quite boring."
- "You are not worthy of my tale, scum."
- "Life's too short to dwell on the past! Let's go kill some boars for the future, man! THE FUTURE!"
- "Ya gotsa piece a' somethin' in ya teeth, mon. Brings back bad memories bout me family, dun wanna bring dat bad juju up."
- "Ye know, lad, this bludgeonin' business -- combined with ale -- has shaken me head up some. Can nay say I remember much past last Tuesday, aye, but I'll gladly tell ye if ever there be a successful attempt!"
- "I'd tell ya, but then I'd hafta kill ya."
- "What? Why? What've you heard?"

Some excellent roleplayers don't have an elaborate backstory behind their characters. Consider for a moment if your character was defined only by what they did in-game. Who could relate to you? With only in-game events defining you, where do you encounter that burden of knowledge that comes from some trite, minuscule detail from WarCrafts past? How do limitations there, if any, compare with those that come from declared affiliation with whatever groups you supposedly were once a part of?

living in the present

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Feythylan wonders if Faleav rips through flesh as well as mail. Perhaps he should gift wrap a bloody arm.
Be shhure to come see me shometime in the Shilvermoon or Orgrimmar, shir! ..hic!

I've got the ale to share and shtories to tell!

(( Also, welcome! ))
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01/19/2011 4:18 PMPosted by Abotu
*obnoxious victory dance*
So beautiful! So... obnoxious! It speaks to me!

wishes we still had the "Don't Start A Guild" thread

(( I second the "Don't Start A Guild" thread... I think I might be able to track it down, actually.

Although, <The Sunsworn> didn't follow said thread exactly.... Hypricritical!

Anyway, going hunting right now..... ))
That thread got deleted at some point. I will admit that, despite my best intentions, the tone of it was so sarcastic that it verged on hostile. I know a lot of people were saying "this should be stickied" but I knew it would never happen. The OP was just too harsh.

I should have followed through with my idea of rewriting the whole thing in a way that was more obviously constructive, especially since other people made so many great points that I wanted to include, but the thread got zapped before I got around to it. I could still write a new one, but having the old one for reference would be really useful. If it still exists somewhere, I'd love a link.
I'm searching for it.. I thought I had ran across it a few weeks ago and had forgotten to copy it, but it could have been in my sleep... I tend to do that from time to time. I'm still searching, though.

EDIT: I cannot find it. I think I must have been dreaming. :( Sad day. Sorry!
Grats abotu, you're the only person with more than one sticky.
The only problem I'd have with that is that those threads - despite being useful and well-written - are already very long. A lot of the information is also extremely general, and even outdated in some cases. I believe they were just copy/pasted verbatim from ancient threads on the old forums.

It would be a challenge to actually ADD to those threads without them becoming way too cumbersome for a new player to even want to deal with. I made this thread so that this oft-requested information would be easily accessible. It would be kind of a shame to bury it in post #9 of a huge encyclopedia-type thread.

It might be possible to make one RP superthread to replace them all, but certainly not easy. It wouldn't be a simple copy/paste endeavor. It would require a whole lot of rewriting and reorganizing. I'm in no hurry to start.

The best thing would be to have one very streamlined sticky thread full of convenient text links to more specific information like this, but the difficulty of linking anything on these forums is a huge stumbling block. Really, in terms of easy access, our current heap of sticky threads is probably the best alternative.
Along time ago on Moonguard i had a horrible time with a guild that wasn't a good fit for me (they kicked me out and said some nasty things about me) so I get a nervous feeling when ever I get the urge to start up a char on ANY RP server do to the fact i had such a problem with these rp'ers that took drama in to the rl category

How is the Rp'ers on Emerald Dream? What should i look out for and how is the alliance side

also What races should i pick do to my bad spelling (it really cant be helped I have a hard time with certain words so picking a race thats speak would match my spelling would be essential to me having a good time with out having "EWWW LRN 2 Spell Stupd!" coming up every time i try to rp with someone
On moonguard I played a Undead warlock Her name was Rathel I loved that rp char, my biggest mistake on that server was rerolling a Dreanai and trying to rp Ally side...

Oh well I haven't played on a pvp server since BC, and that was warsong (back in the day of <KPNS>

Might be worth making a char on ED
I will see you in game
this is great.
I love this post. I have characters on Emerald dream that I never use because I cant find RP. But you've just encouraged me to get back in there!

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