Tremor Totem and Cleansing Waters nerfed

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01/14/2011 6:26 AMPosted by Yaka
45 seconds was a misstype, and team mates can't always be depended on. You must play a Warlock on the side. And a shaman can't completely negate a GOOD locks cc ability, because they will fart on the 5 hp totem then lawl at you.And the fact that you think paladins are an easy class right now speaks for itself, all pallies but holy need a serious buff right now.

You don't have a single team that's anywhere near 2k MMR in cata and should not be speaking. At all. Come back when you actually have the right to talk about playing against good players. And you're resto! You aren't usually even in the fray against casters. Go away silly shaman. Your DPS is wanting to do some fail twos some more.

If a warlock can already counter your tremor totem so well, then isn't the change a buff for you? Oh, that totally nullifies your whole argument that we're being nerfed by this change.

Also, of course I'm talking about Holy paladins. When someone refers to a class in PvP, they're generally talking about the viable PvP specs of that class. Derp.

You do realize that it takes more than 23 wins to get up to 0-2100 right? Cause that's where my MMR is in 2's. As you can tell, 2's is so retarded right now that I haven't even bothered to get my rating up to my MMR. Spamming cleanse spirit isn't really that fun. And I just started doing 3's again for the first time in over half a year and we're at 2k MMR also.

Since you brought of the armory issue. You hit 2k for the first time EVER (and you've been playing shaman since vanilla LOL) just a couple weeks ago. With a resto shaman partner no less. You've never been to 2k in 3's.

And Resto isn't in the fray vs casters? What the hell are you smoking? It is resto's #1 utility to interrupt/ground casters. You have no idea what you're talking about, and your arena experience confirms this.

P.S. You said you were done with this thread because of the trolling, yet you came back to respond to the person you labelled as a troll. GG

Yeah... Cause they had achievements in season 1 and 2 of 70 right? And I didn't really PvP at 80. So your post was a waste of your own time and mine.

You're to cute. Can I take you home and add you to my "know it all" collection?
01/10/2011 9:10 PMPosted by Karmä
I'm about to main my pally. : /

One step ahead of you!
Really blizzard? WTF! The hex glyph nerf is retarded.

I don't see you nerfing crap like hammer of Justice. Apparently a 10 second hex on a 30s cooldown glyphed that lets people still run around so you can't get any range on people and breaks with a bit of damage is overpowered, but a 6 second STUN on a 40s cooldown talented is okey dokey.

Heaven forbid pallys be knocked down from their pedastal as the gods of pvp healing.
locks crying always on the forums
they Nerf us because you know what we are a difficult class and we are killing everybody in his bg
locks now they are like a rogues always is stun stun stun is jerk really and affliction drop fear like a 10 times and you never be immune what is that?.The las night in arenas a mage arcane crit me for like a 50k and i have 2.993 of resil and they never get a nerf thats one shoot kill and we get a nerf really lol.
*Head explodes*
Wake up shamans, Blizzard hates you and ROFL @ ur QQ..

Im not going to waste my time complaining, Im just going to switch my mains...
These nerfs are rediculous in every way. Try playing a shaman in pvp after the giant Cata nerf. Now we are even worse. Please make this game fun again for non-pally healers!
ele dps is only low end in trash pulls i mange to top the dmg charts on most single target pulls. and why the earthquake buff it'll still suck beyond belief
01/10/2011 10:02 PMPosted by Snöt

If tremor totem change goes live



I would so love to see this. Heck make them share a cooldown if you want. This idea owns.
blizzard just remove shamans from the game, we all know you guys want to.
This is pretty rediculous. Purge is understandable and so is the cleanse nerf. But really nerf hex duration? its already the worst CC in the game with them being able to move. And the tremor is not a huge nerf, but more of a change. In 5v5 tremor was definately a bit op, I justh ope blizzard makes the new tremor not be able to be knocked down, or pulse so fast it doesnt matter. And ele is just broken in pvp right now, change earthquake to a trained ability and make a 31 point ability that is even worth anything. I think that and making Shamanistic Rage a base abillity would fix things. (of course keeping SR's mana benefit only to enhancement but letting ele and resto have a much needed cooldown besides swiftness)
Thanks Blizz! Keep those Shaman nerfs coming!
If theres any good from the tremor totem change to me its this:
In arena, I really disliked getting feared, a second or so passing by and then the opponent kills the totem yielding the same result as if the totem weren't there in the first place.

It's not like I could deal a killing blow to a bopped pally, then purge the bop and have the damage take - I guess I just didnt like the pulsing system.
Was totally fine if they killed the totem first, and I was too slow to redrop.. at least that's a fault of my own and not an unavoidable game mechanic

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