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Wyrmrest Accord
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I have to roll a Tauren now. Just to go check it out. This sounds awesome.
01/13/2011 3:51 PMPosted by Atlus
I have to roll a Tauren now. Just to go check it out. This sounds awesome.

Story Circle is actually the first RP even I ever attended. I sort of walked into on my second day on the server. Didn't really have a clue what was going on at first, but I stayed and enjoyed it. I'm very glad they are starting up again.
Just a reminder that this Sunday will be the return of Story Circle!!! Thank you to everyone who has voiced their support. <3
Spread the word! The event is happening tomorrow at 6:30 server time at Baine's Amphitheater!
sounds intresting :) I'll badger my little guild into attending.
I remember this on my druidess! I had wondered where it went when I returned to the game.
Bitzie is currently studying different cultures' myths, legends and customs. She will be there by force!

The first time I joined it was with a trial account, as my subscription was at the time out of time. I accidentally wandered in, and decided to tell my backstory. It was ... Great!
Just a reminder that Story Circle is today at 6:30 server time!
I can't go, but as an attendee of a handful of the very first story circles I'm glad you're bringing it back.
Another bump for the event being in less than three hours.
Another bump for the event being in 30 minutes!
Bump for the event being a complete success! Hope to see another great night of attendance next week!
Bump for the event being this Sunday, at the same place and the same time!
01/18/2011 4:24 PMPosted by Helgah
Can alliance attend?

I have no problem with it. I have a feeling Dwarves would have some awesome stories. :D However, the Bluffwatchers .... I don't think they'd be so happy about it.
01/18/2011 4:54 PMPosted by Helgah
I don't think they'd mind it if they... were dead. Well they still would mind it, but they wouldn't try to kill me!

You make a good point. After the whole "they're dead" thing, they'd probably be okay with it.

But now that you've brought this up - the story telling, not the guard killing - It might be fun to try a cross-faction one sometime... maybe for a holiday or something.
01/18/2011 5:27 PMPosted by Helgah
Where would be a good setting for it? There are some wide open bluffs in Feralas.

If I recall, Krasus's (?) Landing in Dalaran was a wide open circle with not too many NPCs. Would be good at night.

Hmmmm, Krasus' Landing would be good, if we could keep keep people from flying in and out.... It might be a little small too.

We could probably find some open space not to far from flight paths, Feralas might be a good option.

I was thinking too, it might be good to actually have a theme - like lore and legends. ( Don't want anyone trying to incite a riot after all. ) And we'd need copies of the all stories in advance so both sides could have translations to give the audience. I think this would be fun.

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