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Yeah, what he said!

You still have time to get a story too, if you want. :D
This is a great event, keep up the good work!
Don't Forget - Every Sunday at 6:30 server time ( *looks stern and reminds a certain person to remember to set his alarm*)

Everyone is invited to attend and participate. Is is suggested that you have your story ready in advance and try to stay within 15 or 20 minutes. But that being said, a good story is appreciated whatever length.

I would like to thank everyone who told stories last week. I know several people people put stuff together on the fly, since we were a little light on story tellers. That's not an easy thing to do, and I wanted you to know I really appreciated it. <3

So this week, Kina here has a story mostly ready. It's a story that her mother used to tell her when she was just a little calf. :) Hopefully you'll like it.
There's a strong possibility I won't be able to attend, tonight. I do hope that this event, however, goes on despite this. We have great hosts and people who are dedicating to making the event work as great as it should.
Of course it will go on! I'll be a little that you won't get to hear my story, but I'll get over it. :P

But we do have confirmed story tellers for today's event, we have others last week who said they had stories, and there are also at least a couple of the audience. So we're good. THat the great thing about this event, it isn't dependent on one person. Yes, things seem to go a bit smoother when you are there, but it will still be an enjoyable evening, reguardless.

*skips off to write a Welcome for the event."
Bump for Story Circle
It's Sunday! so that means there's a Story Circle tonight at Thunderbluff! 6:30 server time.
It's almost Sunday.... so that means it's almost Story Circle time!!!!

Story Circle hasn't changed. It's still going on this Sunday evening!

Bump for Story Circle, coming off of a wonderful Spring Festival.
I'm super glad to see this event return. I will be going on my tauren, Maralah, who is the Pack Lorekeeper and the Mistreaver Storyteller. I would LOVE to tell a story.

*cheers for Earthspear*
We will be looking forward to hearing your story then, Talmai. The event is in Thunderbluff, at the amphitheater on the Upper Rise. It starts at 6:30 server time, but of course people get there early to get a good seat.

This week, we have a couple of stories that we were going to tell at the Spring Festival, but it just got so late. (Thanks again to everyone who attended last night. it was awesome. <3 )
I would like to appologize to our Ally friends who wished to join us this evening. The Bluff watchers can be a little pushy some times. :)
And our listeners are very protective of their event.
First story circle I've ever been to and definitely going to try and attend the next. Even just being in the audience is entertaining.
Tauren are my favorite Horde race and if it weren't for the language barrier and the Braves attempting to cut off my tendril'd covered head, I would gladly show up.

But if you want to take part in an event, we are holding a funeral service for our former High Exarch, all are invited, even the Horde since it is being held in Shattrath city cemetary. We draenei may react interestingly to Horde races coming, but it will show a mutual respect between two mighty peoples.

check out the thread if your interested : http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2325096434

(sorry about the promotion! haha)
Ah yes, the pesky language barrier. I'm thinking maybe we should try charades at some point, or puppets maybe. A couple of us are toying with the idea of attempting a cross faction Story Circle at some point, much later in the year.

Anyway... Thank you, Sholaad. I will discuss your kind invitation with my Kin.
04/04/2011 05:38 AMPosted by Kinarra
A couple of us are toying with the idea of attempting a cross faction Story Circle at some point, much later in the year.
Oooohh really? :o

We're in the date picking phase of starting up our own story circle in Darnassus (Treetop Tales). If you do decide to attempt it cross faction, I have some mild experience with cross faction events with the druid gatherings and the Lunar Festival sparring matches and social last year in Moonglade, so let me know. ;)

I miss night elf-tauren RP. :C
@ Orravar. We might take you up on that offer. :D We're still at the "wouldn't it be cool if" stage. But I think it would be fun and it's worth giving it a shot.

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